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You can finally hide the YouTube videos you like in YouTube Music – Android Police

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YouTube Music and YouTube are too interconnected for many people’s tastes, and it looks like Google is finally taking more steps to decouple the services. The YouTube Music app has widely rolled out an option (previously spotted) that lets you hide music clips you like from YouTube (as noticed on Reddit). Unfortunately, the setting doesn’t apply to songs liked in the video streaming service, and recommendations and viewing history still sometimes bleed from platform to platform.

When you go to music.youtube.com or the YTM app on your phone and open the settings from the account menu in the upper right corner of the interface, you’re greeted with a new option: Show off your favorite music on YouTube. The toggle is on by default, so if you don’t want your favorite YouTube video clips to appear in YTM, you need to turn it off manually. Once done, you should notice that the videos you liked on YouTube no longer appear in YTM. This is especially interesting for some videos that YouTube incorrectly recognizes as music.

Unfortunately, there is no corresponding setting in YouTube itself, so popular YTM songs still appear on the video platform. On a related note, I’m annoyed that song recommendations are still bleeding from YTM to my YouTube homepage. And sometimes the music history shows up on YouTube as well, especially when you ask Google Assistant to start a playlist on your TV or use the YouTube Music Android TV app (which is just a glorified shortcut to the classic YouTube app, so it’s no surprise). These are two other issues that developers should address to separate the two services.

You can download the latest version of YouTube Music for Android from the Play Store or on APK Mirror, but it looks like the new option is coming as a server side switch which should be available on any recent version of the app.

YouTube Music - Stream songs and music videos
YouTube Music - Stream songs and music videos

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