Writer Diablo Cody Says ‘Lisa Frankenstein’ Takes Place in Same World as ‘Jennifer’s Body’ – Bounding Into Comics

Writer Diablo Cody Says ‘Lisa Frankenstein’ Takes Place in Same World as ‘Jennifer’s Body’ – Bounding Into Comics


Megan Fox feels the effects of possession in Jennifer’s Body (2009), 20th Century Fox

Diablo Cody, the author of the films Juno And Jennifer’s Bodyattempts to build a shared universe in which its films can exist.

Seyfried needy
Amanda Seyfried as Needy in Jennifer’s Body (2009), 20th Century Fox

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She came out and told Deadline at the premiere of her latest film, the horror comedy Lisa Frankensteinthat it takes place in the same world as Jennifer’s body – making the former a prequel to the 2009 Megan Fox film.

“I’m just stating that this movie takes place in the same universe,” Cody said. “That’s what I decided. I won’t say you’ll see explicit references there, but I will.

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Saying it out of the blue doesn’t mean there’s a connection between the two, and there’s no real indication in the marketing for Lisa Frankenstein – what remains of it – that it is something entirely other than an autonomous project.

Cody has, however, expressed interest in making a prequel to Jennifer’s body recently. “I want this to happen so badly, and if I had the power I would give it the green light tomorrow, but I need to find people willing to help me make this dream come true,” she said. declared to Inverse.

This fox knows how to swim
Megan Fox bathes in Jennifer’s Body (2009), 20th Century Fox

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“I would love to do a sequel or a prequel. I don’t know if I would reboot the movie itself. I like the movie the way it is, but in this world, I would love to do something else,” Cody added. So she might be trying to kill two birds with one stone here.

The two films are said to be quite different, aside from the fact that one is contemporary with 2009 and the other is set firmly in the ’80s. Both deal with the “hell” of being a teenage girl , but Lisa Frankenstein is a neon nod to The Modern Prometheus and the horror films of the chosen decade.

Lisa Frankenstein - Cole and Kathryn
Kathryn Newton and Cole Sprouse in Lisa Frankenstein (2024), Universal Pictures

Jennifer’s Body performed poorly upon release, but over the years it has developed a following that demands follow-up. Whether or not Lisa Frankenstein meets this demand, the door is open for a full-fledged prequel.

by Lisa Frankenstein Director Zelda Williams is just as keen as Diablo Cody, being a fan of the latter’s work. “I would do it [a] heartbeat,” she told Inverse. “I love him so much.”

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