Windows 7 goes double screen to yell at passersby: please upgrade or let me die – The Register

Windows 7 goes double screen to yell at passersby: please upgrade or let me die – The Register

Bork! Bork! Bork! Welcome to another edition of poorly behaved signage, The registerlet’s look at borking of all shapes, sizes and flavors from around the world.

Today’s contribution, from Reg reader who preferred to be identified only as “Ian of Essex”, portrays Windows 7 in a state of distress caused by neglect.

Windows 7 is like that old arthritic cat who lives with an elderly relationship. He feels a little, is a pain to be cured and requires almost constant attention – and will often leave a dirty protest if he does not get it. But your great aunt loves it.

Microsoft has spent the past year begging Windows 7 users to move to a better place. In this case, it seems that the meowing of the abandoned operating system was ignored by the operators of C2C’s Thorpe Bay station, leaving him no choice but to shout to passers-by that it is not taken in charge – will someone just want to upgrade it already?

We are also very impressed with the dual screen bork, pointing to a bright future when Windows 10X is finally delivered.

Noting that digital signage was used for advertisements rather than departures, Ian, who spotted him upon his return from a well-deserved pub visit, told us: “Everything he seems to be promoting today hui is “We are more advanced than McDonald’s” but not much further. “

It sounds like a challenge to us.

Naturally, we contacted c2c to see if it (or the person responsible) for the signage intended to upgrade or save the money required to keep this version of Windows in security patches a little longer , but we still haven’t received a response.

If you’ve seen an unexpected message on a screen it really doesn’t belong to, please send an email to Vulture Central and share it with the world. ®

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