“We’re going to have to go through a hothouse”: Tom Hanks will happily reprise his first iconic role but there is one condition… – FandomWire

“We’re going to have to go through a hothouse”: Tom Hanks will happily reprise his first iconic role but there is one condition… – FandomWire

When it comes to complex, challenging roles that require one to fully submit to the process, few actors can claim to have achieved what Tom Hanks achieved. The two-time Oscar winner is synonymous with some of the most iconic characters in films like Forrest Gump, Philadelphia, Shipwreckedand many others who demonstrated his prowess as a performer.

Tom Hanks
Oscar winner Tom Hanks (Image credit: Wikimedia Commons)

Hanks is also known for playing the iconic cowboy toy, Woody, in Pixar’s animated masterpiece. Toy story, a franchise that started a whole new revolution in Hollywood. For having played the cult character in 4 films, The terminal The star wholeheartedly welcomed the opportunity to reprise her role in a possible fifth installment, but under certain mandates.

Tom Hanks will play Woody again with pleasure under these conditions

If Woody and Buzz Lightyear toy story The franchises are cult icons today, so credit goes to Pixar’s pioneering vision, as well as Tom Hanks and Tim Allen who played the two popular characters on screen. Over the course of 4 films spanning nearly 25 years, the two celebrities entered homes around the world and endeared themselves to young children and adults alike with their camaraderie.

toy storytoy story
A scene from toy story

Hanks and Allen created a lot of nostalgia among die-hard fans of the franchise when they reprized their roles in the 2019s. Toy Story 4. With a fifth film in the works, viewers were eager to find out if the Oscar winner would play Woody again.

THE Insomnia in Seattle the star addressed these speculations in The rest is history podcast and revealed that he would be extremely excited and happy to have the opportunity to reprise his role. That said, Hanks also made it clear that the narrative needed to do justice to Woody’s legacy and live up to the franchise’s reputation.

“Tim Allen and I still get together once a month because we knew we were part of something pretty profound that started over 25 years ago. I will say the keepers of all things Woody and Buzz do not take their task lightly… If that happens, it will have to go through a hothouse of all kinds of rigorous testing.

Although he has played extremely difficult roles throughout his career, Hanks revealed that voicing Woody was one of the most difficult journeys he had embarked on. The actor explained further by stating that changing voices was a much more difficult proposition than even undergoing physical transformations for the characters.

Tom Hanks was floored by toy story From the start

Tom Hanks’ association with the cult animated series, Toy story, debuted in 1995 and is one of Hollywood’s most legendary collaborations. THE Shipwrecked The star who perfectly played Woody, one of the most beloved characters in the Pixar adventure, said he agreed with the script from the start.

Toy Story 4Toy Story 4
Tom Hanks would love to play Woody again

In an interview with BBC Radio 1, the Oscar winner revealed that he was completely sold on Pixar’s vision for the film because he hadn’t heard or seen anything of that nature before. Elaborating further on the impressive technical aspects, the actor said:

“The computer-generated animation itself had a hyper-realistic look to it, you know? But also the marriage of my outraged voice inside this outraged toy body was – I mean, it was undeniably awesome.

Hanks also praised the franchise for its seamless blending of the 4-film narrative and the emotional connection each character shared in the story. He praised Pixar’s courage and commitment to creating stories that surpassed their previous scripts despite the great pressure to deliver them.

All 4 toy story films can be streamed on Disney+.


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