We take an exclusive look at SEAT’s secret stash of historic cars

We take an exclusive look at SEAT’s secret stash of historic cars

You’ve probably heard of the legendary A122 warehouse at the SEAT Barcelona factory. This is the place where SEAT Historics preserves seven decades of classics.

In fact, you probably also saw all the content we published on social networks (Instagram and TikTok) during our last visit, where we celebrated the 40th anniversary of the SEAT Ibiza, when we took a look look at the same collection.

Each vintage specimen is unique, with its own history and hard work. When it comes to restoring these gems, it takes just as much work and investment. If you don’t believe us, take a look at the reel below.

The “rusty room” of historic SEATs

The room you see here is often called the “rust zone,” jokes Isidre López, head of SEAT Historics.

“It’s a small warehouse where we have a number of cars waiting their turn to be rescued and rebuilt to become part of the museum’s collection,” López explains while standing in front of special cars.

Cars waiting include a SEAT 1500 (the great-great-grandfather of the SEAT Alhambra), a 1500 pick-up belonging to the Telefónica fleet, a glazed 1400 family (of which only four survive in Spain) and one of two 1400 Visits ever made.

Many of the like-new cars currently on display in the A122 warehouse have required extensive restoration work.

“It’s one of the most fun and interesting parts of our job,” says López. “But it also carries a responsibility to be honest with history and people, especially with the engineers and professionals who created them.”



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