Watch This Moldy Acura NSX Gets Its First Wash In 22 Years

Watch This Moldy Acura NSX Gets Its First Wash In 22 Years

Acura only made about 1,250 NSXs in 1992. Just over 400 left the factory with the Grand Prix White exterior and black interior. One of these cars has sat in a workshop for 22 years, gathering dust and mold. Today the owner is selling it. And he wants a complete detail before parting with the legendary machine.

Larry Kosilla of Ammo NYC was enlisted to do the dirty work. It all started with a simple wash to remove the grime embedded on the surface. But it wasn’t enough to truly clean the iconic mid-engined sports car, with one pass of the clay bar collecting even more contaminants.

Decades of stale air have allowed white mold to form on many interior surfaces, including the seats, steering wheel and dashboard. Even though the owner kept the car sealed, that didn’t stop moisture from entering the cabin and doing its job. Even the landing gear had mold. But it was no match for Kosilla’s masterful scrubbing skills.

The clean paint still showed signs of wear, requiring correction and polishing. The thin, soft paint made it difficult in places, according to Kosilla. But the results were drastic, removing the car’s remaining imperfections and leaving a like-new, glass-smooth finish.

Kosilla’s hard work should help this NSX find a new home. Properly cleaning a car, especially one as dirty and moldy as this Acura, requires more than a basic rinse to protect the paint underneath and ensure the mold is gone forever. No one wants to spend their time driving such an amazing car while breathing in spores.



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