Watch: Joe Lycett dressed as Queen Elizabeth I

Watch: Joe Lycett dressed as Queen Elizabeth I

Many celebrities wore loose outfits, trying to stay cool in the sun beating down on London’s Royal Festival Hall.

This is not the case for Joe Lycett. The actor arrived dressed as Queen Elizabeth I, in a white cape and dress with a ruff around his neck.

Lycett carried two different types of fans on the red carpet, one manual and one battery-powered, as temperatures soared.

But that wasn’t enough to keep him cool. “It’s boiled in a bag,” he said of his silver ensemble.

He also liberally applied sunscreen, not only to himself but also to TV critic Scott Bryan on the red carpet. “It was very surreal but to be honest, I don’t have a sunburn now so I’m very happy,” Bryan later remarked.

Lycett went on to win Best Entertainment Performance for his show Late Night Lycett on Channel 4.

The comedian walked on stage and immediately declared: “I lost a bet, I’m so hot and I need to pee.”

He added: “Thank you to my mother and father, Anne Boleyn and Henry VIII.”


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