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Instagram / Emmuhlu

Emmuhlu pictured on his Instagram page on April 9.

Emmuhlu is the star of TikTok who registered by saying the N-word. Emmuhlu apologized for the video, calling his actions “hurtful and obviously ignorant.” Heavy contacted Emmuhlu to comment on the video.

On its TikTok profile, Emmuhlu has 1.4 million followers in addition to 53 million likes. Emmuhlu goes by the nickname “Barb” on his profile. Emmuhlu writes in his bio section: “I need everyone to know that I am an earthworm.” On his Instagram and TikTok profiles, Emmuhlu uses a photo of rapper Nicki Minaj as a thumbnail image. Emmuhlu describes herself as a “feminazi” on her Instagram bio section.

In the video, Emmuhlu says: “There are n ***** everywhere” saying the word n2020-04-21T08: 40: 11.000Z

Emmuhlu posted a lengthy statement on her Instagram page on April 21 in which she recognized the legitimacy of the video. The clip shows Emmuhlu driving while recording on his phone. Emmuhlu begins by saying the word “die” eight times. Then she says, “Everyone dies!” The camera then pans outside of the car when Emmuhlu laughs, “N ***** s. There is no ***** everywhere. “

Emmuhlu called his tongue in the video: “F ***** atrocious, unfunny & Hurtful”

In his apologies, Emmuhlu calls his tongue, “f ***** excruciating and funny and hurtful and obviously ignorant and worth speaking.” Emmuhlu directly apologized to the “blacks” saying, “I don’t want to talk about any of your experiences, but I can only imagine how upsetting and disappointing it is.” Emmuhlu said she didn’t want to apologize for the video or play the victim.

Emmuhlu goes on to tell his 164,000 Instagram followers that she was “beyond ignorance” at the time of registration. Emmuhlu adds that she had “not even the slightest knowledge of the things that I do now and the things that I defend and that I care about and that I hate with everything that is in me”. Emmuhlu continued, “The person I am now is knowledgeable and aware and wants to fight for social and racial justice all the time and wherever I can.”

The apologies ended with the words: “I am so sorry for everyone that I gave up, I am so sorry for the ignorant and hurtful language I used. The fact that I thought it was okay is mind-boggling. I hope some of you see who I am now and know that it is sincere. I am really sorry.”

Emmuhlu to release “Sick Girl” song on May 1

Emmuhlu Instagram

Instagram / Emmuhlu

Emmuhlu is expected to release her song, “Sick Girl” on May 1 under the name of Emma Lu. She announced that the song would be released 24 hours before controversy over the N-word video broke out.

Emmuhlu said in an article on Instagram: “I have never done anything like this, so I hope not to disappoint. I wrote this song last night and it is very vulnerable and personal, I hope it will reach someone who can bond. ”

Emmuhlu has been identified as one of many TikTok liberal users accused of intimidating supporters of Donald Trump on the platform

Two days before the scandal, Emmuhlu published a photo of a politically liberal themed brochure. The brochure supported the Black Lives Matter movement, climate science, women’s reproductive rights and acceptance of the sexes. In the legend, Emmuhlu wrote in part:

I will never stop supporting and fighting for marginalized groups in America.

I understand that many privileged people use being awake and not being racist and homophobic and having a minimum of compassion for the experience of people marginalized for attention and praise.

In late March 2020, a petition was posted on requesting that Emmuhlu be removed from TikTok because of his allegation of intimidation of a supporter of Donald Trump. At the time of writing, the petition had 200 signatures.

Also in March 2020, Paper Magazine named Emmuhlu as one of the activists of TikTok who used the platform to broadcast liberal political messages before the 2020 elections.

The magazine said that users such as Emmuhlu were bombing TikTok activists with comments supporting former Democratic candidate Bernie Sanders and criticizing President Donald Trump. The group’s slogan is “Barbz4Bernie”, a reference to Nicki Minaj.

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