Viral YouTuber Angry Rantman dies at 27

Viral YouTuber Angry Rantman dies at 27

A popular football YouTuber and passionate Chelsea supporter, known to his fans as Angry Rantman, has died aged 27.

Angry Rantman, whose real name is Abhradeep Saha from Delhi, Indiadied this morning, his family announced on social networks.

They said, “With deep sorrow and sadness, we today declare the sad and untimely passing away of Abhradeep Saha AKA AngryRantman.

“He touched the lives of millions through his honesty, humor and unwavering spirit. He will be deeply missed by all who knew him.

“As we mourn his loss, let’s remember the joy he brought to our lives and cherish the precious memories we share together. Inspire change, one rant at a time.”

Saha underwent major surgery and was in intensive care almost two weeks ago, according to his Youtube Community tab.

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An update three days ago reported him as being in “a really critical situation” on life support, as his family prayed for his recovery.

The YouTuber’s unique combination of laughter and on-camera rage while generally lamenting his beloved Chelsea made him go viral and allowed him to amass 482,000 subscribers on the video-sharing platform at the time of his death.

One of his most recent videos saw the internet star denounce Chelsea’s 2-4 defeat to Wolverhampton Wanderers in February, when he called on the club’s manager Mauricio Pochettino to “stand down”.

Other clips show him in his iconic vest shouting about Indian cricket, loudly praising films and launching into a tirade about the price of popcorn at the cinema.

Thousands of people paid tribute on his YouTube page, with one saying: “Please don’t delete this channel, we want to see his videos and remember him for the joy he brought us each time with his humor.”

Another commented: “This is deeply saddening. Life is so uncertain. Let’s all be humble and spread love. We will always miss his rants.”

Many simply wrote the Hindi phrase “Om shanti”, wishing for his “eternal peace”.


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