University launches Joan Armatrading Scholarship

University launches Joan Armatrading Scholarship

A Birmingham university has launched a new scholarship featuring Grammy-nominated singer Joan Armatrading.

The singer and songwriter grew up in the city and began her career at a young age before achieving international success and awards.

BIMM Music Institute in Birmingham said it was “exciting” to launch the Joan Armatrading Scholarship from September.

It’s important to support this scholarship, she explained, because young people need to get involved in music to keep it alive.

The course will provide full tuition over three years to an applicant from a low-income household or a group underrepresented in higher education, the university said.

James Maiden, Dean of the BIMM Music Institute Birmingham Campus, said: “Joan Armatrading is a leading figure among the many influential artists with links to our city of Birmingham, and we are honored and truly excited to launch this partnership with her.

“Joan’s accomplishments and the substantial impact her career has had on the music industry make her the ideal figurehead for our scholarship, which will transform the opportunity for a talented student to build a career in music. “

In addition to being nominated for three Grammy Awards, Armatrading has won the coveted Ivor Novello Award for his outstanding collection of contemporary songs, collaborated with Elton John and been recognized as a champion of new talent, said the university.

“I also like the enthusiasm of young people,” she said of the scholarship.

“I like how they think they can conquer the world, and guess what, most success comes when you’re young and full of optimism.”


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