Ukraine: Hey Duggee makes children feel welcome in the UK

Ukraine: Hey Duggee makes children feel welcome in the UK


Hey Duggee shows the image, with text in Ukrainian Hi Duggee/BBC/PA Wire

Hey Duggee will welcome new characters to the series, from Ukraine

To help Ukrainian children feel at home in the UK, a new episode of CBeebies’ Hey Duggee will welcome new Ukrainian friends.

The episode will also feature songs from Ukrainian children living in the UK, singing in their native language.

Ukrainian sentences will be translated into English by Duggee and his friends, squirrels and hummingbirds.

The episode hopes to welcome Ukrainian children to the UK and show that friendship can cross any language barrier!

Hey Duggee shows the image, with text in UkrainianHi Duggee/BBC/PA Wire

Duggee and his friends will welcome the new characters, as well as Ukrainian children across the UK

Earlier this year, when the The Russian invasion of Ukraine began, over 100,000 Ukrainians left their country and came to the UK.

They left their home countries as refugees and hundreds of thousands more moved across Europe.

A refugee is a person who leaves their country because of war, persecution or hardship.

Ukrainian children have been welcomed into schools across the UK, made friends and joined new communities.

You can find out more about how Ukrainian children settle in UK schools here.

Now on CBeebies, a new episode of Hey Duggee hopes Ukrainian kids will feel even more welcome.

Polina in her new school

Polina is one of many young Ukrainians who started at a new school in the UK

Duggee will be joined by two new characters, Mavka and Swampy, characters from the Ukrainian film ‘Mavka. The song of the forest’.

The characters will sing a “welcome song” to make Mavka and Swampy feel at home.

In addition to translated Ukrainian phrases, Ukrainian children from the UK were invited to sing for the episode’s soundtrack.

Felix Richter, who helped produce the episode, says he hopes the episode will “help thousands of kids see the value of friendship across language barriers.”



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