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Say what you want about Twitter – it’s constantly evolving as a service. Whether it’s introducing a paid subscription option that adds a “Cancel” button or permanently removing fleets from the app, the year has been busy and ever-changing for the social network that everyone. world loves to hate. A new beta test for Twitter introduces various upvote and downvote options specifically for responses, though only time will tell if these tools actually reach a wider audience.

According to Twitter’s support account, the app is testing this interface with a small selection of users on iOS. Three different variations are available, including the standard up and down arrows and thumbs, the odd option being a mix of the current “Like” heart and a negative vote icon. These won’t appear on standalone tweets – just replies – and only upvotes will be seen by the general public (like a liked tweet). Negative votes are currently hidden.

Unsurprisingly, many users are noticing similarities between these new voting options and Reddit, including the site’s own social media manager, which tweeted in response to Twitter support.

The general response to this beta test appears to be negative, as users wonder if it will only trigger additional toxicity at everyone’s favorite hellish site. Still, taking notes from Reddit’s favorability system is probably better than last month’s Facebook reaction experience. For now, we’ll continue to hope that editable tweets are the next to go – just kidding, we all know that’s never going to happen.

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