Trevor Lawrence admits ‘it would be nice’ to have extension, focused on Jaguars’ upcoming season



Trevor Lawrence is entering the fourth year of his career and the former No. 1 overall pick is now eligible to agree to an extension with the Jacksonville Jaguars. The 24-year-old is currently under contract through 2024, but the Jaguars could — and most likely will later this offseason — pick up his fifth-year option, ensuring he is under team control through 2025. With Lawrence unlikely to see free agency anytime soon, this is typically the window for teams to lock down their franchise quarterbacks for the foreseeable future.

“There have definitely been conversations,” Lawrence said Tuesday when asked about his eligibility for an extension. “As far as the current situation goes, that’s not really my goal. I’d obviously like to be a Jag for as long as possible. We love being here and I love where we’re going as an organization and we feel like I’m getting better every year my best ball is definitely ahead of me so, from that point of view, obviously, yes, it would be great.

“But, like you said, I’m in my fourth year, it’s not necessarily my last season. There’s a lot of things that could happen. So, that’s not really my goal in At the end of the day, my job is not going to change whether or not I get extended before this season. My job is to win games and be the best I can be for this team so we can have a chance to win. a Super Bowl. I get the contract extension, that’s still my job.”

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Although Lawrence remains focused on his on-field preparations for the upcoming season, he admitted he would be happy to complete the deal.

“I can’t lie, obviously it would be nice to get it done and make me feel good,” he said. “But no, that’s not really the focus right now. I know where we are, I know where we’re going and I know what I need to do. There are some improvements I need to make to the future.”

Lawrence is 20-30 as a starter over his first three regular seasons, including an 8-8 mark in his 16 starts last year. The 2023 campaign was a low point of the Lawrence era after the Jaguars lost five of their final six games, knocking them out of the playoffs and allowing the Texans to win the AFC South. Lawrence suffered injuries throughout this collapse.

That said, Lawrence showed his potential, which arguably made him one of the best prospects in recent memory when he left Clemson, and there’s no reason to believe he won’t get a extension of the Jaguars. But when it happens will be the question to watch over the coming months.



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