Tom Brady Teases Another NFL Return: 10 Teams to Watch Ahead of the 2024 Season



NFL: Tampa Bay Buccaneers vs. Indianapolis Colts

Tom Brady did not play in 2023 after retiring for the second time in two years. But the legendary NFL quarterback is teasing yet another return, recently telling Shadow Lion’s “DeepCuts” podcast that he was “not opposed” to another on-field gig at age 46. Brady even went so far as to mention two potential destinations: the New England Patriots, his former team of 20 years; and the Las Vegas Raiders, with whom he is still working toward becoming a part owner.

Is he really serious? And would teams have more than a subtle interest? Brady will be 47 in early 2024, after all, and while his all-time legacy is assured, he was more useful than special in his last go-around with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. But if anyone is likely to disrupt the entire league with a second comeback, even if only for the latter stages of a season, as Brady suggested, it’s probably him.

Here are 10 different teams to watch if Brady steps up to suit up again:



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