The production of Gotti Il: The Final Chapter, Facts Undisputed, the long-awaited sequel to Gotti, winner of multiple Prime Time Emmy Awards in 1996, was officially announced at an event in Atlantic City on July 23 – PRNewswire


ATLANTIC CITY, NJ, July 23, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Michel Mota, executive producer of Gotti Il: The Final Chapter, Undisputed Facts and founder and CEO of VirtualCons, said that Armand Assante, the famous actor who won the Emmy for “Outstanding Lead Actor in a Miniseries or Special” for his powerful and moving portrayal of John gotti in the original film, will return in the title role of the new production.

Mota proudly added: “Gotti Il: The Final Chapter, Undisputed Facts will be written by Nick Vallelonga, who co-wrote and produced Green book, and which received the Oscars for “Best Original Screenplay” and “Best Picture” for its contribution to this unforgettable and already iconic film, and Georges gallo, writer of Midnight race, featuring Robert de niro.

Among the producers of Gotti Il: The Final Chapter, Undisputed Facts are Arnold rifkin, the Hollywood faithful known to have brought to the screen, among many memorable films, The sun’s Teardrops (2003), 16 blocks (2006) and Live free or die hard (2007).

The production will also be Johnny Arreola, founder of VISION Studios. Its affiliations include The Jerry Springer Show, The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Windy City LIVE, and sports entertainment for Don King Boxing, HBO and Telefutura.

Mota then recognized “a first engine of Gotti Il: The Final Chapter, Undisputed Facts. He is an unsurpassed living repository of facts about his father’s life and times – a sort of surgeon who eliminates malignancies from lies, innuendos and slander to reveal the truth about the man who raised him, the man whose name he bears. , the man to whom he is devoted. I’m talking about the key advisor to our production, John A. Gotti. “

“John’s mission,” Mota continued, “is to tell his father’s story factually and comprehensively, which is precisely why he has come to us in our common capacity as storytellers. He understands this with Gotti II we will deliver the truth via the powerful vehicle of drama fiction. He knows that Gotti’s fictions written and told as fact by so-called authorities are best described as scarecrow stories – fables cynically designed to keep an underinformed population frightened and willing to excuse the many illegal excesses and immoral of their self-proclaimed. ‘honorable’ protectors. “

According to Mota, “John gave producers and the creative body a Gotti II unimpeded access to his family’s archives, including hundreds of hours of video and audio tapes and thousands of pages of public, private and even supposedly secret documents. The only promise we make to John and, by extension, his family is that of honesty throughout the storytelling process. He has willingly accepted our assurance that the shots will not be fired, and he recognizes that corrective surgery is never bloodless, but, when performed with skill and honor, almost always effective. “

Simultaneously with the production of Gotti II will be the creation of a documentary perfectly informed by the Gotti archives. The inappropriate academic rigor and tone in a dramatic piece of fiction will be present in abundance throughout this non-fiction production.

Additionally, plans are underway to convert the former Ravenite Social Club, the space at 247 Mulberry Street which is commonly described as the Manhattan “Seat” of the Gambino criminal family in the 1970s and 1980s, in a museum. The space will feature material from the aforementioned Gotti Archives and interactively tell a true story undiminished by official and cultural disinformation.

Mota concluded with what he called a “meditation” on the appeal of crowd stories. “In their most inspired iterations, they take us by the shoulders and rotate us to face realities we’d rather not think about. These are allegories to which our intimate stories conform. Under violence and sex, under the thin film of soap opera conventions, crowd stories dispel myths and show the truth. The truth about who and what we could to be if only we had the opportunity. “

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