The Pagani Alisea marks 25 years of the Zonda

The Pagani Alisea marks 25 years of the Zonda

It’s hard to believe that the Zonda was introduced at the Geneva Motor Show in 1999. Pagani was still working on Zondas until 2022. In 2024, there will be one more. Well, not quite. The Alisea marks the 25thth anniversary of the epic supercar, and while Pagani was involved in the project, the Istituto Europeo di Design (IED) did the heavy lifting.

The 1:1 scale model was designed by Master students from the IED in Turin who imagined a design of great purity. Smooth surfaces have been maximized by removing the large air vents and scoops typically found on high-performance vehicles. Bulging wheel arches enhance the curvaceous silhouette of a unique model that is exactly as wide as the Zonda, at 80.9 inches.

Measuring 178 inches, the Pagani Alisea is slightly longer than its inspiration and sits lower to the ground. It measures just 42.1 inches tall and features a cowl inspired by 1980s Group C endurance racing cars. Compared to a Zonda, the familiar high-mounted mirrors are slimmed down to achieve a sleeker profile without resorting to cameras. The signature quad headlights have a more modern look, while the curved taillights remind us of the track-only Zonda R.

Overall, the Alisea seems more tame than the Zonda by avoiding the complicated aerodynamic package found on countless versions of the AMG V12-powered machine. The Huayra that followed, with its own spinoffs, adopted similar styling. The third model of the Italian exotic brand, Utopia, does not represent a big change in terms of styling even though it is presented as a completely new car.

The Alisea is unfortunately a one-of-a-kind affair. That said, we wouldn’t be too surprised if Pagani adopted certain design elements if a wealthy buyer was willing to pay an obscene amount for a unique car. If you can buy it, Pagani can probably build it, as evidenced by the countless Zonda specials we’ve seen over the past two decades.



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