The Giants’ 2020 off-season tracker: key dates, free agent dashboard, NFL draft rumors, latest updates and more

The Giants’ 2020 off-season tracker: key dates, free agent dashboard, NFL draft rumors, latest updates and more


The New York Giants are expected to be among the most active free agency and commercial players in the next off-season of 2020. Although the Giants should already have a sixth salary cap planned (by OverTheCap ), the number has since increased with the recent outings of veteran linebackers Alec Ogletree and Kareem Martin. Other movements are likely to occur and the Giants will position themselves among the most active spenders in free agency, via the project, and potentially via the commercial market where the current general manager Dave Gettleman proved to be very active. None of this should be surprising given the Giants’ struggles in recent seasons and the fact that they started their offseason much earlier than most teams with their decision to leave former head coach Pat Shurmur shortly after the end of the 2019 regular season. season.

First-year head coach Joe Judge to move from New England Patriots special teams coordinator to Giants head coach, but to many surprise, he will do so under the direction of the general manager Dave Gettleman. This development surprised some, because Gettleman was hired at the same time as Shurmur. However, if you look at the original plan for the property after Gettleman was hired and the full rollover of the roster that the team went through in the first two years (the Giants are expected to have around $ 85 million dollars in 2020 ceiling space after the first offseason cuts), it’s easier to understand why the often-criticized CEO will have another chance.

However, the transformation of the Giants’ training for the 2020 season (and beyond) has not yet started. Between the next NFL Combine 2020, the free agency period soon after and the NFL 2020 draft, the Giants’ roster will be very different from what it is now. As we cross the offseason, this center – the center of the offseason – will aim to serve as a landing point for everything related to the Giants offseason. We will have all the key dates ahead, free agency scorecards, draft content, the latest rumors, reports, news and more. Let’s start by looking at the key dates to come on the Giants’ offseason calendar.

Key dates to come

  • From February 25 to March 2: The NFL Combine takes place. The Giants plan to send all of their staff and will maximize their allocated individual interviews (30) with the 2020 project outlook.
  • March 10: Deadline for NFL teams to nominate a franchise or transition player. This is important to the Giants, as it would make sense to use the transition tag on Leonard Williams after trading for him during the 2019 regular season before the trade deadline. Williams is reportedly looking for the best dollar (at his post) as part of a long-term deal. The transition label is a way for the Giants to have Williams prove their worth in the system of new defensive coordinator Patrick Graham.
  • March 16: The NFL sabotage period begins. Although the free agency and the new league year are not official for a few days at this point, the NFL teams are authorized to contact and enter into contractual negotiations with the players’ certified agents who will become free agents without restriction.
  • March 18: The new championship year begins and the NFL Free Agency is officially launched at 4 p.m. AND. Free agent signatures in the NFL will be flagged before that, but they won’t become official until 4 p.m. AND March 18.
  • From March 29 to April 1: The annual NFL meeting in Palm Beach, Florida takes place. This will likely give fans the opportunity to hear from their new head coach and potentially also Gettleman.
  • April 6: Clubs that have hired a new head coach can begin their off-season training programs (one week earlier than teams with a returning coach). Based on the judge’s introductory press conference, you can be sure that the Giants will benefit.
  • Half April: The NFL will release the 2020 regular season schedule.
  • April 23 to April 25: The NFL draft takes place. The Giants miss their third round pick in the Williams trade, but should receive a draft pick in the third round bracket following the signing of former New York safety officer Landon Collins of a lucrative long-term contract with the Washington Redskins last off-season.
  • From May 1 to May 4: Teams can choose to host their three-day rookie mini-camp and the Giants should host it during this time.

* The Giants will also organize OTAs and a mandatory mini-camp for several weeks in June, followed by a break of about six weeks in action before the start of training camp in late July. Final dates to be determined.

Free agent dashboard

Restricted free agents:

Jon Halapio, attacking center

Aldrick Rosas, kicker

Eli Penny, back

The Giants have an interesting group of free agents restricted this off-season. Halapio was the Giants’ week 1 starter in the center and played the vast majority of the snaps at this position during the 2019 season. Halapio was overwhelmed at the point of attack and his playing strength is worrying – especially since the team is moving from Pat Shurmur’s heavy block blocking to a blocking pattern under the direction of first year offensive coordinator Jason Garrett which should include more power and blocking. Rosas was a first All-Pro team in 2018 and arguably one of the least reliable kickers in the NFL in 2019. You can try to make sense of it, but understanding the kicker’s position is not an easy thing to do. Penny served as the team’s rear end but was not used often.

* Restricted free agents must be submitted by the Giants for their inclusion in the list in 2020. The Giants can assign a number of different offers to their restricted free agents (initial call for tenders, call for tenders for second round, first round, etc.). Each offer is accompanied by a higher 2020 salary. These figures have not yet been determined by the NFL.

Unrestricted internal free agents

Defensive lineman Leonard Williams

Markus Golden, Linebacker / Defender

Mike Remmers, attacking tackle

David Mayo, linebacker

Michael Thomas, security

Cody Latimer, wide receiver

Cody Core, wide receiver

Corey Coleman, wide receiver

Antonio Hamilton, defensive back

The Giants’ key name among their unrestricted free agents is Williams. After sending out his pick for the third round draft in 2020 – a pick from the top 70 overall – in an already lost season – for a defensive lineman of the contract year – all eyes will be on the next step for New York. Will Gettleman re-sign Williams for a long-term contract as one of the highest paid defensive liners in the NFL? Will the Giants give Williams the transition tag (or the franchise tag) and have him prove it in a new defensive system? Will they let him walk for free in free will? We expect him to sign it again in the long term, but the most prudent option would be to give Williams the transition label for the 2020 season.

After Williams, the Giants must decide what to do with Golden. If you just look at the box score – and in particular the bag statistic – Golden has had a 2019 breakout season and should be paid as one of the best smugglers in the NFL. Unfortunately, a deeper dive into the All-22 game movie shows a player whose bags came from game design, agitation, and weaker attacking linemen more times. Bet on himself when he signed a one year contract to prove that he was dealing with the Giants in the last off season and he will now take advantage of his high number of bags in 2019 in a market open desperately looking for pass rushers.

Unrestricted free agent signatures of other teams

To be determined

Free agent signatures for players cut by other teams

To be determined

* It is important to differentiate between players signed as unrestricted free agents and those signed after being eliminated by another team. This is true because players who are signed after being released by another team do not count towards the compensatory project selection formula for the team that signs them.

2020 NFL Draft Pick:

  • Round 1: N.Y. Giants
  • Round 2: N.Y. Giants
  • Round 3: None
  • Round 4: N.Y. Giants
  • Round 5: N.Y. Giants
  • Round 6: N.Y. Giants
  • Tour 7: N.Y. Giants, New Orleans

* The Giants should receive a third round compensatory draft pick (for losing Collins in free agency 2019). This has not yet been announced.

Rumors, reports and updates

The giants and Yannick have a mutual interest

Monday, March 2: The free NFL agency is only a few days away from its launch and the Giants are said to be on the market from an abrupt high pass. Below, we have cited a report from this off-season on the Giants’ interest in Jadeveon Clowney. Jeff Kerr recently appointed Giants one of the best contenders for the pass rusher Yannick Ngakoue, and according to the first reports, there is a mutual interest between the two parts. Of course, there is a major problem – the Jaguars would be should use the franchise tag on Ngakoue.

Lee may be interested in joining Garrett and the Giants

Friday February 28: Linebacker veteran Sean Lee is set to become a free agent in the off season, and although his ultimate goal is to reconnect with the Cowboys, it may not be possible. Dallas must first attend the impending free agencies of Dak Prescott, Amari Cooper and Byron Jones. If Lee is unable to reach an agreement with Dallas, he would consider signing with the Giants in free agency and finding former Cowboys head coach Jason Garrett (who is now the New York offensive coordinator). Patrik Walker has more information on Lee’s reported interest in the Giants.

Giants might be interested in Clowney

Thursday February 27: As the combine continues to roll, the buzz (rumors, reports, etc.) grows with such a wide variety of NFL executives and coaches gathered in one place. Earlier in the off-season, Seahawks general manager John Schneider confirmed that Seattle would not be placing the franchise label on top free agent pass thrower Jadeveon Clowney. According to Josina Anderson of ESPN, Clowney would like to sign again with the Seahawks, but if that can’t happen, he could spark Giants and Colts’ interest in free will. Jeff Kerr has more on this report.

Ogletree, Martin become the first victims of the cap

Wednesday February 26: The Giants were already scheduled to enter the 2020 offseason with the seventh salary ceiling space (almost $ 62 million) and that number has increased. On Wednesday, the Giants decided to release linebacker (and former team captain) Alec Ogletree and linebacker Kareem Martin. After cutting Ogletree and Martin, the Giants created about an additional $ 13 million in 2020. Currently, after these moves, the Giants have the sixth largest cap space of the 32 teams. None of these movements is very surprising. Ogletree struggled in individual coverage where he is a handicap in the passing game, in addition to the time the ball is aimed straight at him. Where he has helped the Giants since his return from the Rams via trade is in his leadership (he was the defense captain and called the games) and in his ability to clean the games side by side. The latter trait fell in a 2019 season marked by injuries. As for Martin, an injury derailed his 2019 season, but he was, for the most part, a free agent bust. Martin’s best feature was his ability to take advantage in the racing game, but the Giants never got much out of him as a pass defender. Now that James Bettcher was released as a defensive coordinator, Martin’s release was a matter of when and not if.

Judge Refuses to Speak to Players, Including Daniel Jones

Tuesday February 25: At the combine, Giants head coach Joe Judge and general manager Dave Gettleman spoke to the media. After refusing to drop second-year quarterback Daniel Jones at his introductory press earlier this off-season, the judge again refused to provide Giants Beat journalists with a fluffy quote they could turn into a title – this then led to a “will of the Giants”. swap the title of Daniel Jones “or two – and speculation that the judge might be interested in a change of guard at the post. We can end this speculation now. Tyler Sullivan broke down, the lesson to be learned from what the judge said is that every Giants player will enter 2020 with a clean slate – there is no value in relying on everything that happened during the 2019 season or before. Instead of talking about several players over the next few months, the judge chose to remain silent, in the hope that he could provide a real level playing field for the 2020 lineup when off-season training begins later. this off-season. The Giants brought back Gettleman – the same general manager who fell in “floral love” with Jones before handing the keys over to the quarterback in week 3 of his rookie season. Jones almost overshadowed a season’s rookie touchdown record despite several missed games with a sprained ankle. This is all you need to know.

Could Witten find Garrett on the Giants?

Tuesday February 18: Although some future Jason Witten Hall of Fame prospects are dropping out of the offseason, it doesn’t look like he’s ready to hang up on his studs yet. As Bryan DeArdo recently broke down, Witten realizes that his time with the Cowboys may be over, but that doesn’t mean the end of his career. The next question people might ask is where Witten could play and we can’t think of an easier transition for him than finding his champion – the man partially responsible for his retirement – Jason Garrett. In 2020, Garrett will be the Giants’ offensive coordinator. The team has been looking (and failing; see: Rhett Ellison) to find a tight end online to compliment the tight end Evan Engram for quite some time now. Witten could be a short-term solution.

Leonard Williams reaches out to Richard Seymour

Tuesday February 18: Williams and NFL legend Richard Seymour have in common the fact that they are both indoor defensive linemen who have been charged by their respective teams with more passing-rush responsibilities than your indoor defensive lineman normal. The difference? Seymour has done a great job reaching the quarterback and converting pressure (hits, haste) to sacks during his career and Williams has struggled in this regard. Williams has since reached out to Seymour this off-season to help him change the trajectory of his career. Williams is still only 25 years old.




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