The Ford F-150 Lightning You Actually Want Is Now $5,500 Cheaper

The Ford F-150 Lightning You Actually Want Is Now $5,500 Cheaper


Ford has new pricing for its 2024 F-150 Lightning. Prices for three of the four available trims have been reduced, with the extended-range Flash trim getting the biggest discount: $5,500.

The entry-level XLT now starts at $65,090 (prices include $2,095 destination charge), which is $2,000 less than before. The new Flash version now starts at $70,090, up from $75,590. Ford also reduced the price of the Lariat by $2,200, which now starts at $79,090. The cost of the top-of-the-line Platinum version remains unchanged at $87,090.

2024 F-150 Lightning Trim Old price 2024 (with destination) Price new 2024 (with destination) Difference
XLT $67,090 $65,090 -$2,000
Flash $75,590 $70,090 -$5,550
Lasso $81,590 $79,090 -$2,500
Platinum $87,090 $87,090 +/-$0

The price cuts coincide with Ford’s updates to the F-150 Lightning. They include a new vapor injection pump system that helps the F-150 optimize energy consumption. The automaker has also tweaked the charging speed display in the instrument cluster.

XLT trims and above now come standard with Smart Hitch and Onboard Scale, 360-degree camera, Trailer Backup Assist and Trailer Hitch Assist, which were key features previously offered in the towing technology package. An optional Max Trailering Package is available for XLT, Flash and Lariat models for $1,100. In the Platinum, it’s standard. Available for order in May, a new black pack exclusive to the Platinum trim costs $8,000.

The Flash and Lariat offer the longest range in the lineup, up to 320 miles on a single charge. The Platinum goes 300 miles, while the XLT can go 240 miles. Other updates Ford has made to the truck include the ability to use the Pro Power OnBaord system when the pickup is turned off and a new Walk Away lock feature. Ford BlueCruise is also available on certain trims.




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