The forbidden dance of the seven veils is broadcast for the second time

The forbidden dance of the seven veils is broadcast for the second time


Released on February 15, 1970, the film marks the end of Ken Russell’s association with the BBC

A controversial film that has been banned for 50 years after a screening is screened at the Keswick Film Festival.

The dance of the seven veils by Ken Russell, on the German composer Richard Strauss, was broadcast by the BBC in February 1970.

His sex scenes and his portrayal of Strauss as a Nazi sympathizer have sparked complaints.

The Strauss family were outraged and withdrew the rights to use their music, effectively banning the film until their copyright was exhausted.

Now, a week after the expiration of the copyright ban, the film will be shown for the second time.


Strauss family removed music rights, effectively banning future screenings for 50 years

The screening at Theater by the Lake will be hosted by Russell’s widow, Lisi.

“Cumbria was Ken’s spiritual home, he came to make his first film Dante’s Inferno and he saw Skiddaw and bought a house the next day,” she said.

“It was the area that Ken felt called to his soul, in the same way that music called him to his soul, so we are so happy that it happened where it happened and where the heart of Ken was and mine was Keswick. ”


During his career, Russell became known for his controversial films, including Women In Love, which starred nude wrestling Oliver Reed and Alan Bates.

Festival programmer David Miller said, “I have wanted to screen Dance of the Seven Veils in Keswick for a long time, so I followed the dates on which the ban could be lifted.

“Even after all this time, reducing the legal bureaucracy has been a challenge … we are delighted to bring it home.”

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