The Browns just made a huge change to their helmet for the 2024 NFL season, and here’s what it looks like


Cleveland Browns

For the first time in nine years, the Cleveland Browns are making a helmet change. The team has worn a brown mask with its helmet since 2015, but starting this upcoming season, the Browns will switch to a white mask.

The Browns’ orange helmet shell has remained unchanged for most of the past 50 years, but the team changes its mask regularly.

Fans were clamoring for the team to bring back the white mask, so the Browns decided to listen, according to executive vice president JW Johnson.

“We have heard from our loyal fans and are excited to see the white mask featured on Browns helmets beginning in the 2024 season and beyond as we continue to make history for our franchise,” Johnson said.

The Browns brought in Nick Chubb to model the new look.

If you want to see every angle of the new helmet, don’t worry, the Browns have you covered.

White masks are a blast from the past for Cleveland. The Browns originally wore them from 1975 to 1995. When the team returned to the NFL in 1999, they kept the masks white through the 2005 season before switching to gray. The Grays stuck around for almost a decade, before Cleveland decided to switch to a brown mask, which is what they have worn for the past nine seasons (you can see the brown mask below).

Although the Browns got rid of the white mask in 2005, they did take it out for two games for the past three seasons, and now they will make it part of their permanent look.

The Browns seem to like the white look on their helmets. Not only do they now wear a white mask on their orange helmet, but they revealed an alternative white helmet which they wore for three games last year, a look they will likely wear again for at least one game in 2024.


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