The 26 Best New Restaurants in the DC Area

The 26 Best New Restaurants in the DC Area

If you like Mexican food, now is a good time to eat in and around Washington. The choices have never been better or more varied. A restaurant mixes Lebanese accents with delicious results.

If you live in the suburbs, you’re in luck. The roster of interesting new restaurants, especially in Northern Virginia — home to a vegetarian Vietnamese hot spot and a dining destination whose directors have worked at the Inn at Little Washington, among other attractions — is likely to keep you close from home for meals.

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It’s also a chance to sink your teeth into burgers of all stripes, explore new moms and see what some eminent names are up to. No surprise, but serial restaurateurs Stephen Starr and Peter Chang have deployed more of what they do best: scenes and Chinese.

Welcome to another collection of spring favorites, based on recent visits from area newcomers.

While I was eating, I noticed some significant changes in the dining experience. Restaurants are not always open when expected, aged fish is in the spotlight and some players in the sector seek to please themselves as much as their customers. Read on to find out how restaurants across the country are mixing things up.

Not all the new faces were invited to the party. Some places didn’t make the cut because they were so young I didn’t have a chance to try them, or because a visit didn’t impress me. My spring guide is a celebration of what’s new, but also what’s worth your time and money. The following 26 names are all eligible for this distinction.

Server Houssam Abbari, left, and chef Miguel Guerra with guests in the Mita dining room. (Scott Suchman for the Washington Post)
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