Tennessee missing child Evelyn Boswell was born into a family torn apart by chaos and violence

Tennessee missing child Evelyn Boswell was born into a family torn apart by chaos and violence


KNOXVILLE, Tenn.- Evelyn Mae Boswell – the Tennessee toddler missing for months – was born into the chaos of a teenage mother whose childhood was marked by domestic violence, family turmoil and isolation, a survey of Knox News on Courts and Public Archives shows it.

Evelyn, a 15-month-old girl with wispy red hair and big blue eyes, remains untraceable – despite nearly two weeks of intense media coverage across the country of her reported disappearance. Authorities say she has not been seen since mid-December.

Evelyn’s mom Megan “Maggie” Boswell is now behind bars after an arrest warrant says she refuses to tell the truth about her baby’s plight. She spun threads – the sheriff’s office called them “inaccuracies” – in TV interviews too.

Evelyn’s maternal grandmother, Angela Mae Boswell, was released on Friday from the same Sullivan County prison, accused of fleeing the city in a stolen car with a boyfriend after her ex-husband – Evelyn’s grandfather – reported that the infant disappeared on February 18.

And Evelyn’s grandfather, Tommy Boswell Sr., does not speak publicly – especially to journalists.

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“You are all vultures,” he told the USA TODAY Network’s Knox News this week during a meeting at the Boswell family complex in the small town of Blountville where Evelyn lived.

The Sullivan County Sheriff’s Office is working around the clock – with the help of the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation and the FBI – to find out where Evelyn is and, more importantly, whether she is safe and alive.

Sheriff Sullivan Jeff Cassidy and Captain Andy Seabolt said that Evelyn’s mother’s story has changed several times. Cassidy’s agency doesn’t say much else, however. Search warrants have been obtained, authorities have confirmed, but remain sealed. Cassidy said the agency still “hopes” that the toddler is alive, but has canceled the idea of ​​a citizen search.

Knox News sifted through judicial and public records this week to glean a portrait of the Boswell clan in which Evelyn was born.

A difficult start

Angela Boswell was only 16 when she gave birth to Tommy Boswell Sr.’s first son – Tommy Jr. – in 1993. A background check shows that Tommy laid charges of assault in Sullivan County a few months later birth of the boy, but details of the arrest are no longer available. A report from the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation shows that he was convicted of assault for crime one year later in this case.




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