Taskeet is a super clean organization app for Android – Android Headlines

Taskeet is a super clean organization app for Android – Android Headlines

While browsing the Google Play Store, I came across a rather interesting app. Taskeet is basically an organization app, it can help you track your daily tasks, tasks or anything else.

Taskeet is a great, clean organization app

There are a ton of these apps on the Google Play Store, but some have managed to shine thanks to their design or functionality. This app has all the features you would want in an app that revolves around reminders, but the design is where it really shines.

If you like clean, minimalist designs, this app is for you. When you launch it, a quick setup will be initiated. There are many themes you can choose from, light and dark themes.

The layout is superb. Everything is well spaced and the developer also includes color coding for different tasks, if that’s what you prefer. You can set descriptions for your tasks, have recurring reminders, etc.

Image 2 of the AH Taskeet reminder organization app

It has a great calendar view and a handful of widgets

Another nice addition is a nice monthly calendar. This way you can see at a glance which days you have and which tasks. You can simply color-code specific task types, and little dots with that color will appear in the calendar view.

I’ve been using it for a while now and it’s worked great so far. I noticed a lot of people were having issues after a recent update, but I hope the developer managed to sort this out.

You can also choose between two UI styles in Taskeet, including a compact mode, which I ended up preferring. Full-screen notifications are also available, and the same goes for widgets, if you need them. There are a handful to choose from.

You can check out some official screenshots below, while the app download link is also included there.

Taskeet (Google Play Store)

Image of Taskeet 1 app
Image of the Taskeet 2 application
Image of the Taskeet 3 application
Image of the Taskeet 4 application
Image of the Taskeet 5 application
Image of the Taskeet 6 application
Image of the Taskeet 7 application

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April 24, 2024



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