Subaru WRX engine teardown reveals dangers of poor rebuilding

Subaru WRX engine teardown reveals dangers of poor rebuilding

Choosing the right mechanic is one of the most intimidating parts of car ownership. Get it wrong and you could end up losing thousands of dollars due to shoddy repairs. This is probably what happened to the owner of this WRX engine.

Eric from I make cars The YouTube channel recently got its hands on this FA20DIT turbocharged boxer four from a 2016 Subaru WRX, with plans to take it apart for parts and scrap. Even though the engine appears to be in good condition from the outside, changing the oil reveals an abundance of metal shavings, which is not a good sign.

As Eric progresses through the engine, there are more and more metal shavings, especially in the cylinder heads and in the timing chain area. Scratches on camshafts mean metal is entering the lubrication system and spreading throughout the engine, scraping delicate moving parts and causing serious damage.

After removing the heads, Eric discovers that this engine had already been disassembled, pointing to lazy work resurfacing the heads. He also notes that the turbocharger is an aftermarket unit. Removing the oil pan reveals even more metal shavings, as well as a huge piece of piston ring.

But strangely, it seems that this piece of ring does not come from any of the cylinders. As Eric points out, all the pistons still had their rings intact, meaning this part must have already been in the engine when it was reinstalled during a previous repair. It is likely that this part was simply not cleaned before reassembling the engine. Yeah.

As the pistons are removed from the crankshaft, the main culprit of the damage, a spun connecting rod bearing, is revealed. The bearing is mostly disintegrated and probably caused a horrible knocking noise from the engine (if it was still running, of course).

Take this video as a warning. Do your research before taking your car to a mechanic. You don’t want to end up like the owner of this engine.



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