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The Spotify design team likes to keep moving forward, which means we often get new stuff here and there, whether in testing or in actual deployment. This latest redesign is one of the most expressive we’ve seen in quite some time, introducing a new mini-player UI that follows the current trend of rounding corners and adding more color.

We’ve had some tips on this new style coming in the stable version of the Android app, and I have it on multiple devices, so we’re confident this will be rolled out for everyone. The new mini player now floats above the rest of the content on the screen, and its corners now show a user-friendly curve. The album cover is also a bit smaller with a similar rounding at the corners. The track progress bar also moves up and down.

Old vs new

The names of songs and artists appear as before, as do the control buttons for the device, like and play / pause. Under the mini player, tabbed browsing (Home, Search, Library) now has a gradient background that changes from almost fully transparent and darkens as it goes down. Another cool aspect of this redesign is that the floating mini player changes color to match the album art of what’s being played. Check out these examples.

This is by no means a monumental design update, but it certainly gives the mini player and navigation tabs a more contemporary feel. Spotify seems to be moving further and further away from its established boxy design aesthetic towards a more rounded approach, and that’s probably the right decision to make.

As far as we know, this is still being tested, but there are enough reports to make us believe that it will be rolled out more widely soon – be on the lookout.

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