Sony reconfirms PS5 console exclusive game for 2024

Sony reconfirms PS5 console exclusive game for 2024

Strong points

  • Sony reconfirms FPS PvP game Concord, which will release in 2024 on PC and PS5 with a live service approach.
  • The ’80s sci-fi aesthetic trailer for Concord teases a dynamic universe, but the gameplay remains a mystery.
  • Stay tuned for a potential big reveal of “Concord” at the upcoming PlayStation Showcase.

Sony has reconfirmed that its next PvP FPS Concord will be released on PC and PS5 later this year. It’s been almost a year since Concord was revealed for the first time. Promising a “dynamic science fiction universe,” Concord was announced via a CG trailer that didn’t show any gameplay, but established the vibe players can expect from the multiplayer FPS when it finally releases on PC and PS5.

THE Concord The reveal trailer featured a spaceship filled with various items, including a sniper rifle. The trailer leans heavily on the ’80s sci-fi aesthetic, but otherwise reveals very little about what the game is actually about. Luckily, it looks like there’s a good chance that everything will be revealed in the relatively near future, so PlayStation 5 players should keep an eye out for more information on Concord future.


PlayStation acquired another company

Playstation Studios is further expanding its already vast library of first-party content with the addition of a new company to its roster.

It’s because Concord will be released in 2024. This was confirmed by Sony in a recent investor update, where it highlighted the game as one of its upcoming live service titles. From Concord is coming out in 2024 and almost nothing has been shown about it so far, it’s highly likely that a proper reveal of the game will come sooner rather than later. In fact, it would not be out of the question for Concord to have its big reveal later this month.

Concord reveal could happen soon

Rumors have been circulating about a PlayStation Showcase equivalent to E3 taking place in May, and now Sony itself has raised the possibility. The Showcase has still not been officially announced as of this writing, but its existence seems increasingly likely. Supposing Concord is in fact aiming for a release in 2024, we must imagine that the game will be presented at the showcase. Then again, it’s entirely possible that Sony is considering releasing Concord late 2024. If that’s the case, a true reveal of the game might not happen for a few months.

Either way, it will definitely be exciting to learn more about Concord since the game still remains a huge mystery at this point. When the game was first revealed, it was confirmed that Firewalk Studios was the creator, that it was a multiplayer PvP first-person shooter, and that it was built around the “connection” and “social play”. These vague descriptors don’t give PS5 players much of a clue, and so it will be interesting to see what that means. Concord Does this help it stand out from the crowd?

When Concord launches, it will be just PlayStation’s latest live service title. The Helldivers 2 live game was a huge success for Sony, exceeding expectations. If Concord is even half as popular as Helldiverse 2Sony could very well have another huge live-action game on its hands.



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Sony’s PlayStation 5 is part of the ninth generation of consoles and debuted with a launch lineup including Demon’s Souls and Astro’s Playroom. The console comes with a Blu-ray disc, although a digital-only edition is also available at a cheaper price.


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