Sony Partner Deviation Games Shooting Mocap for PS5 Project

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As PlayStation’s Hermen Hulst visits the team

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Image: Deflection Games

PlayStation Studios bigwig Hermen Hulst visited his partner Deviation Games this week for an update on his super-secret PS5 project, and it looks like mocap is already well under way. According to his Instagram page, actor David Paladino – who has starred in a number of popular American shows, like NCIS and IEC: Vegas – has been in the mocap studio since late April, capturing performances for the developer. As spotted by Zuby_Techhe tagged the studio in a photo of him on set.

Deviation Games is made up of former top brass from Treyarch, and Paladino has done voice work for various Call of Duty games over the years, so the relationship makes sense. The studio has confirmed that its game will go into full production this year, and it’s even expanded with a Canadian office as it continues to recruit staff. It’s safe to assume it’s running on some sort of first-person shooter, though co-founder Jason Blundell has talked a lot about “moving the medium forward.”

We are fascinated to see what it gives.

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