SNL: Ryan Gosling and Emily Blunt play Taylor Swift hard for Barbenheimer’s breakup anthem

SNL: Ryan Gosling and Emily Blunt play Taylor Swift hard for Barbenheimer’s breakup anthem

Ryan Gosling opened up about his hot pink attachment to his Barbie character Ken during the April 13 Saturday Night Live monologue with Emily Blunt.

April 13: Emily Blunt and Ryan Gosling on Saturday Night Live.

Leaving aside their spat with Barbeinheimer, Gosling and Blunt, who joined forces for the upcoming action comedy The Fall Guy, united over their grief over not being able to let go of their old blockbusters. Ryan initially put his foot down sternly, saying his conversations would no longer center on Ken.

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Yet, announcing his “breakup” with Barbie’s character after they “went too far,” he quickly backs down and admits, “Actually, I’m going to talk about it… a little bit.” » And that’s what he did, but in song and in a reimagining of Taylor Swift’s All To Well.

Ryan Gosling’s SNL monologue

Harnessing the powers engineered by the “Great Taylor Swift” to fully heal from a breakup, Gosling reprized his La La Land avatar, staying true to his Ken style with a fur coat. As a piano slid in, he dealt with his anxiety by singing.

“I shredded Venice Beach, it’s true. My clothes were tight, but something about that spandex felt so right. I left my roller skates in this big pink house, but I still have this fur coat, and I’m going to wear it right now,” Gosling said, grateful: “I was just Ken, and now I’m not than Ryan. »

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Blunt intervened to interrupt her melody and ordered her to take off the fur coat. Making him realize it was time to move on, she firmly admitted, “Ken is dead,” hitting him with billions of objects in testimony to her new role as a battle-scarred stuntman in The Fall Guy .

Although she is annoyed by the fact that he is constantly singing about Ken when this time should have been dedicated to promoting their upcoming action film, in the end she is also taken back in time to his sweet memories of Oppenheimer.

The duo once again fell back into their rivalry with Barbenheimer until Blunt also exploited the nostalgia with All Too Well. “The father of the atomic bomb and a bottle of jack.” I was the alcoholic wife of a guy in a hat,” she said in the song.

The Fall Guy co-stars then completed their duet and continued:

Ryan Gosling: “I miss all my Kens”

Emily Blunt: “And I miss Cillian Murphy. »

Together: “And you really should see The Fall Guy, but I just can’t let Ken go…”

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And the song continued. Clearly, Kitty and Ken are a “mess to impress.” The sweet duo ended by bidding their characters farewell, only for Gosling to declare shortly after, “Ken will never die!” »

In addition to hosting SNL for the third time, Gosling joined his Barbie co-star Kate McKinnon for another Close Encounter sketch. They debuted the original segment with Cecily Strong in 2015. The La La Land actor also revisited his memorable 2017 Papyrus SNL sketch for a sequel.

His new 2024 film The Fall Guy, starring Emily Blunt, hits theaters on May 3.

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