Sippy cups, Disney children’s clothing recalled for lead poisoning hazard

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A stainless steel children’s cup has been recalled due to a lead poisoning hazard.

Green Sprouts, maker of reusable and natural baby products, discovered that some of its cups were made with a small piece of metal that contained lead. This part is usually inaccessible, but when the bottom of the cup is broken, the lead part is exposed. The company’s voluntary recall involves approximately 10,500 cups. They are sold at Whole Foods, Buy Buy Baby, Amazon and

“Testing of this component was omitted by the CPSC-accredited third-party lab because this part of the product is inaccessible under normal use,” the company said in a statement. “If we had known that a component containing lead in these products could become accessible, we would not have put them on the market; Now that we know, we are voluntarily recalling these products.

The company has received seven reports of the base breaking, exposing the small piece, called a “weld spot.” No injuries were reported.

This recall is not entirely unusual: Bentex children’s clothing sets, particularly Disney-themed clothing for young children, were recalled on November 23 due to lead in ink. textile on clothes. About 87,000 units, sold at retailers including TJ Maxx and, were implicated. The CPSC website contains the item and lot numbers of the garments affected by the recall.

“We are still concerned about lead,” said Patty Davis, spokeswoman for the Consumer Protection Safety Commission. “The good news is that these have been captured and recalled.”

Lead poisoning is extremely dangerous and toxic if ingested by children and can cause neurological damage, developmental delays and other serious health problems. Currently, the largest and most common risk of lead poisoning in children is from old lead-based paint used in homes. The water in Flint, Michigan had dangerously high lead levels, leading to a horrific human and environmental disaster starting in 2014.

There is a strict lead limit on children’s products. In 2008, Congress passed a law limiting the amount of lead and other chemicals allowed in products, as well as other toxic chemicals. This year, the CPSC seized 2 million products that did not meet US safety standards, and 300,000 of them contained lead.

Many products that have not been produced recently or that come from other countries still contain lead. In addition, parents should be careful when buying second-hand goods. The CPSC recommends checking a product on its website to see if it has been recalled before trying to resell it.

Sippy Tumbler Recall Affects Green Sprouts 6 and 8 Ounce Stainless Steel Tumblers and Bottles with Tracking Numbers 29218V06985, 35719V06985 and 33020V06985, which are located under the base.

Consumers can sign up to receive recall notices at

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