Shocking! Twins Taylor and Mackenna who look like Ace singer Ariana Grande are threatened

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Two sisters, who look a bit like singer Ariana Grande, receive death threats, read the full story below.

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Ariana Grande is a great American singer and actress. She is very talented and very popular all over the world. She is the recipient of numerous awards and distinctions. She has a large number of fans and has over 265 million followers on Instagram.

Many fans try to copy the look of their idols. But for two sisters, that eliminates death threats. Two sisters named Mackenna and Taylor Patterson – Hall live in Canada, both are 20 years old. They both were in the limelight when they first posted their video on At present, they have over 40,000 subscribers on TikTok.

Both sisters are big fans of singer Ariana Grande when they learn that they somehow resemble their idol, they started copying her more and started posting photos of themselves. like Ariana on social media platforms. This caused a problem among a certain section of Grande’s fans.

The two twins even begged for commercials and brands to advertise. They upload their videos under the name “Pink Sweetener”. Ariana fans target them for copying Grande and have also made death threats. But both erased the claims and did what they do best.

According to, Taylor said, “We have spent every minute of every day together since we were born.”

“We’ve always liked to dress the same because we like to be twins. We want to stand out among the crowd, and dressing the same always turns a lot of heads. “

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