Rosh Hashanah Recipes Including Brisket, Challah, Soup, and Honey Cake

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Planning a dinner party is a notoriously stressful affair. Accounting for a variety of diets, preferences and traditions on a few dishes is no small feat. As Rosh Hashanah approaches (and Yom Kippur right behind it), we’ve picked out a few dishes that we think the whole table will enjoy. There are options for meat eaters, vegetarians, gluten-free customers, traditionalists, and those looking to experiment. Start the new year off right with these picks from our recipe finder.

Make your best holiday meal with these Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur recipes

Matzoh ball soup is not only warming, comforting, and beloved, but also very adaptable. For vegetarian/vegan customers, there’s Vegan Matzoh Ball Soup, and Not-Quite Matzoh Ball Soup is a gluten-free option for those who can’t have traditional matzoh balls. If you’re looking for classic floats, try fluffy matzoh balls with your favorite chicken or vegetable soup recipe. Going in a different direction, collard greens and potato soup with chili oil is a hearty, slightly spicy alternative.

Brisket can be tricky to nail consistently, but this holiday brisket takes the guesswork out and leaves you with a delicious, tender main course every time. The roasted whole fish is another amazing centerpiece and can be served with an endless combination of sauces and sides. If you’re looking to minimize cooking time and mess, look no further than this spring chicken in a pot (it’s just as delicious in the fall!). This is a recipe suitable for riffing, so feel free to play around with the aromatics and herbs depending on the season and your tastes.

This recipe for Roasted Butternut Squash with Crumbled Chickpeas features a creamy and tangy tahini sauce, toasted pine nuts and zaatar, making it a side dish that will follow the main course. Another tasty option to consider are these Crispy Smashed Beets with Garlic, Scallions, and Chili. For a side that offers a dose of umami, there’s Vegan Braised Collard Greens With Miso and Smoked Paprika.

Although not a kosher option for those who eat meat as a main dish, leeks and lentils with fried halloumi are a delicious dish for vegetarians. This fall salad with farro, apple and roasted persimmon is another substantial side brimming with seasonal ingredients.

It’s hard to fault this honey orange blossom cake with its delicate citrus flavor, tender crumb and subtle sweetness. For another cake that mixes the new with the old, try this Chai Spiced Apple Butter Cake that uses apple butter instead of fresh apples. Its fragrant fall flavors are the perfect way to end dinner. For a dairy-free option, consider this one-pan chocolate cake.

And last but not least, in a category of its own is challah. It is traditional to serve around the challah like this to symbolize the cyclical nature of the year – one is over, another begins. Challah with olive oil and honey is another way to add a little sweetness to dinner and the new year.

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