Wednesday, April 24, 2024

Rosemary Shines in These 10 Sweet and Savory Recipes

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I don’t have a particularly green thumb. My skills with fresh garden produce revolve more around their preparation than their cultivation. Herbs, however, I can do it. More or less. My favorites are the ones that require very little maintenance and come back year after year despite my neglect or the vagaries of the Washington area weather. Rosemary is at the top of the ranking.

I enjoy rosemary for its rustic nature. Most winters, it’s the only thing in my garden that makes it through the season not only intact but thriving, although even my sage, mint, and oregano limped through the (not so) cold months of this year. Rosemary is generous in its growth – I swear it comes back as soon as you cut it – as well as in the flavor and aroma it imparts to your food. It’s fresh and bright, and the lemony, pine and vaguely minty essence works well whether you go for savory or sweet. Just use it wisely. You can love the flavor of rosemary but still let it overwhelm whatever you’ve prepared. We are usually talking about quantities in the order of teaspoons or, in rarer cases, a tablespoon or two.

Here are a variety of ideas from our archives for dinners, drinks, desserts and more that make the most of this powerful herb.

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