Rezvani will build you a neo-retro Porsche 911 with up to 750 hp

Rezvani will build you a neo-retro Porsche 911 with up to 750 hp

Rezvani is launching into the world of retro-themed Porsches. No, you can’t buy a 911-shaped supercar with weird options like smoke screens or pepper spray dispensers. But you can have a facelifted 992-generation 911 with retro-themed body panels and loaded with performance upgrades. Say hello to the Rezvani Retro RR1, available in three versions with power ranging from 550 to 750 horsepower.

Regardless of which version you choose, all RR1s receive new carbon fiber bodywork that takes inspiration from the 935 Kremer racing cars of the late 1970s, as evidenced by the new front fascia. But Rezvani offers an interesting take on the sloping nose hood with narrow rectangular headlights replacing the iconic ovals, resembling those on the Taycan. Further back, the flared rear haunches flow into a fixed spoiler that tugs at our 1970s heartstrings. Turbofan-style wheels wrap a package that, to our eyes, looks really good.

As for the bones, Rezvani buyers can choose between the 911 Carrera S, the GT3 or the Turbo S. The RR1 550 is the entry point, so named because the RR1 550’s boosted 3.0-liter engine Carrera develops 550 hp for track use, or 520 hp. hp in the street. The RR 565 is built off the GT3 and benefits from unspecified tweaks to its 4.0-liter flat-six for 535 hp on the road, or 565 on the track. And then there’s the RR1 750 which produces, you guessed it, 750 horsepower in the track version. Street versions only has 715 horsepower to work with, keeping the power down thanks to the Turbo’s standard all-wheel-drive system.

Optional upgrades for all trims include suspension, brakes, roll bars, racing harnesses and lightweight polycarbonate windows. You can also opt for a custom retro livery for the exterior, but the options add up quickly. Check each box and you’ll add $25,450 to the final price.

Speaking of which, Rezvani lists the RR1’s starting price at $149,000. This of course does not include the donor chassis. Each example is made to order and the buyer must provide the car. Additionally, the company claims that this is an introductory price that will increase after the first five orders are placed. Total production will be capped at 50 units and Rezvani already has conversions underway with deliveries planned for later this year.



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