Ram’s six-motor TRX successor arrives April 25

Ram’s six-motor TRX successor arrives April 25

Ram dropped the Hemi V-8 with the facelifted 2025 1500 pickup. This means the mighty supercharged TRX had to die. The brand has confirmed that the TRX will be replaced by a new six-cylinder model called RHO (Ram High Output), and it looks like we just got our first glimpse of it in this teaser video released by the brand on Monday.

The video shows a Ram 2500 Rebel towing another pickup draped in desert camouflage. A voice says “I hear a storm coming”, then on-screen text says “You won’t want to miss this delivery”. It ends with the date April 25 displayed under the Ram logo.

Anyway, we’ll see it in 10 days. There’s good reason to believe it’s the RHO, given that this whole video has a desert theme, and the RHO is supposed to be the answer to Ford’s V-6 F-150 Raptor, Toyota Tundra TRD Pro and Chevrolet Silverado ZR2. All designed for high-speed desert off-roading.

We know the RHO will join the Ram 1500 lineup in the third quarter of this year for the 2025 model year, so an April debut makes sense. We also know that the RHO will use a 540-horsepower version of Ram’s new twin-turbo “Hurricane” inline-six.

Besides the new name and new engine, the RHO should be similar to the TRX. This truck featured 35-inch tires, wider tracks, reinforced suspension, and other desert-friendly upgrades. Without the supercharged V8, we expect the RHO to be cheaper than the old TRX, which hit the $100,000 mark before options. The RHO should be closer to $80,000.

Either way, expect a lot more teasers between now and the 25th.



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