Peacock, Netflix and Apple TV bundle their services

Peacock, Netflix and Apple TV bundle their services

The great consolidation is here. A week after word of Disney, Hulu and Max coming together, another big trio is heading to the small screen.

Peacock, Netflix and Apple TV will now bundle their services.

This plan will be called StreamSaver and will only be available to people who subscribe to Comcast’s high-speed Internet service.

We don’t know when this will launch or how much it will cost, but they promise it will be low.

Brian Roberts, CEO of Comcast, said: “These three products will be offered at a significantly reduced price compared to anything else on the market today and will be available to all of our customers. We’ve been bringing video together successfully and creatively for 60 years. »

He added: “This is the final version of this project, and I think it will be a pretty compelling package.”

At least they admit that everything is becoming hardwired now.

Bundling is not a new practice and became more widespread with cable, and now it has moved to streaming. There are a limited number of people who can subscribe to the services, and the only way to grow is to try to attract people who subscribe to other platforms into your fold as well.

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Sourced from Yahoo Finance.


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