OFFICIALLY OFFICIAL: Serie A receives fifth place in the Champions League – Black & White & Read All Over

OFFICIALLY OFFICIAL: Serie A receives fifth place in the Champions League – Black & White & Read All Over


Juventus have just received a big boost in their efforts to qualify for next year’s Champions League.

The new format that will come into effect for next season’s Champions League will grant additional places to two countries, based on the UEFA national coefficient. Thanks to some deep runs in all three European competitions last year by several Italian teams (including Juve’s run to the Europa League semi-finals), Serie A fought for a place in both first with the EPL and Bundesliga throughout the year, and on Thursday, the results of the Europa League and Conference League quarter-finals – Roma and Atalanta progressing in the former, Fiorentina in the second – have mathematically clinched Serie A one of the extra places.

It’s a huge relief for Juve, whose top-four status is in serious doubt following their 10-week slump which has seen them win just two league matches since January 21.

On Thursday, Juve were eight points ahead of fifth-placed Roma, whose form has been the opposite of Juve’s since Jose Mourinho was replaced by Daniele De Rossi. After Thursday’s results, Roma now sit fifth in the Champions League and the team to focus on becomes Atalanta, who are 12 points behind Juve in sixth.

That extra spot provides critical margin for error, given three of Juve’s last six games are against teams that are also in the top five, including a head-to-head against Roma.

Given the financial importance of Champions League qualification to the club, this is some of the most welcome news we’ve had in weeks. Of course, over the last three months, this team has shown that if you give them a rope, they can still hang themselves. That being said, having a margin of 12 points instead of eight is a huge boost to getting over the finish line, and if they use it correctly, they can secure the club’s short-term future.

Perhaps we owe thanks to our Italian brothers for this one.



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