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The rapper says her no-follow finger is ready for people to spread “aggy shit”.

It’s Polo G’s big night as he prepares for the release of Hall of fame, but the Barbz are eagerly awaiting a title on the record. Nicki Minaj helped Polo G promote his project, an album that includes a feature film by rapper Queen on “For the Love of New York”. It’s a coveted look because not everyone can hear Nicki’s voice, but she has expressed her enthusiasm for her fellow New York artists.

Responses to the collaboration prompted the “Seeing Green” host to leave some thoughts on Twitter to make sure the audience doesn’t misinterpret things. “Chile raise your hand if you know the difference between a Nicki song and a Nicki feature film,” she wrote. “Raise your hand if you know the difference between a mixtape song, a cut album, and an album single.[raised eyebrow emoji] When was the last time I released an album single? Eat your food. I can’t wait to work #ForTheLoveOfNewYork. “

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As people responded to this tweet, one fan wanted to know why Nicki was spending more time on TikTok than on Twitter. “Because Twitter isn’t really fun,” she said. “Just a bunch of cheesy debates all day and night in Chile… energy is too precious to be wasted on people or things you don’t like. Life is so much more fulfilling when you give your energy to what you love and who you love. Imagine talking to ya opps all day. Exhausting. “

When another fan told her to stop following people who spread negativity, Nicki agreed. “Word. Any aggy shit I see from now on, I’m going to hit that button. Any retweeted aggy shit, is going to have the same energy. Chatting with other people is going to have the same energy. Talking to them on your tone. other page. What do I miss about Chile? Oh yeah, porn. “

Nicki also made sure people remembered that she is one of a kind. “And compare me to which chili? Lol. Ain’t that a b * tch betta and ain’t that a bad badda.” Some believed some of her tweets were in response to Azealia Banks’ latest rant. Find out below.

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