New Travel Costs Tourists Should Know About

New Travel Costs Tourists Should Know About

Some companies have gone so far as to impose taxes themselves for what they see as the good of the planet. Maple Leaf Adventures, an expedition cruise line operating along Canada’s British Columbia coast, has joined other operators in charging a sustainability fee of C$200 per passenger. “This is a ‘representative amount,’ but it is far from the true true cost of being a responsible operator,” said Maureen Gordon, co-owner of the cruise line, emphasizing that the money goes to conservation groups, sustainable operations and indigenous communities.

Still, critics question whether it is elitist to impose a tax that could deprive some travelers from visiting. “I think there are fairer and more effective ways to address issues like overtourism without putting an unfair burden on travelers,” Tsui said. “Ultimately, I hope for a balance where tourism taxes are used wisely to support sustainable tourism practices while welcoming visitors.”

Whatever your opinion, royalties have become an important source of revenue for governments and are unlikely to disappear. For example, Barcelona estimates that it will collect up to 100 million euros in 2024.

These taxes, Francis notes, “are very effective in raising funds.”

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