Monster Truck Drag Races on the sidewalk, find it not so easy

Monster Truck Drag Races on the sidewalk, find it not so easy


Somehow it took until 2020 for someone to drag a monster on a dragster track against a dragster car. Fortunately, it was worth the wait, as a monster truck on a dragster track is quite a sight. So what happens when you drag a monster while racing?

Well, a monster truck is a machine with exceptional performance. These trucks are built to withstand the rigors of the Monster Jam competition. These specially designed vehicles have massive 60-inch tires and custom suspensions with more than 30 inches of travel. Monster trucks can handle the big air and their suspension is a key ingredient to survive the competition.

Monster trucks require powerful motors to move these heavy tires. The engine of choice is a supercharged V8 with a large displacement that produces a large amount of torque. Son-uva Gravedigger’s V8 develops 1,500 horsepower thanks to its impressive 540ci engine and compressor. All of this power is routed through a customer all-wheel drive system that includes locking differentials.

All of the performance features that allow the 12,000 lb monster truck to perform well on jumps and obstacles are a Monster Jam competition that translates very well on the trail. First of all, power is an obvious aid on a drag track where a vehicle needs power to get out of the line, then reach high speeds over a short distance. Second, we have the fluffy tires that work well when powering off a prepared drag strip surface. Finally, the 4-wheel drive system makes it easy to place the 1,500 horsepower on the sidewalk.

In this race, we are all winners. Hoonigan’s imaginative team continues to prove that it has some of the most creative automotive video ideas in the industry.




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