‘Mistake’ led to overtime in Lakers’ win over Grizz – ESPN

‘Mistake’ led to overtime in Lakers’ win over Grizz – ESPN


NEW ORLEANS — More than a minute of extra playing time was added to the clock in the third quarter of the Los Angeles Lakers’ 123-120 victory over the Memphis Grizzlies on Friday, a spokesperson confirmed. the NBA to ESPN.

“We have confirmed that the game clock was incorrectly set in the third quarter of the Los Angeles Lakers-Memphis Grizzlies game last night at FedEx Forum,” league spokesman Tim Frank said in a statement Saturday. . “After a shot clock violation, the clock was set at 2:20 when it should have been at 1:14. The error was not noticed in real time by the teams, referees, clock operator game or statistics team While Unfortunately, the effort was not identified in time to resolve the situation in the game.

The Grizzlies fired back-to-back aerials to end their possession with 1:14 left in the third quarter, but the shot clock was reset by mistake after the second attempt.

As Memphis guard Timmy Allen gathered the ball and launched a third shot that also resulted in a fly ball, referee Scott Wall whistled the play and reported to the scorer’s table the shot clock violation, granting the Lakers possession on the sideline. Allen’s shot, since it came after the shot clock should have already expired, didn’t count. When the Lakers inbounded the ball, the shot clock was reset to 24 but the game clock went from 1:14 to 2:20.

In the 1:06 of overtime, the Lakers and Grizzlies were tied 2-2, with Anthony Davis making a jump shot for Los Angeles and Jordan Goodwin making a jump shot for Memphis. The Lakers held on to beat the undermanned Grizzlies by three, with LeBron James scoring six straight points in the final minute to give Los Angeles a five-point lead with 5.2 seconds remaining after trailing by a point.

Memphis entered the night with 13 players on the injured list and relied on two-way players and 10-day contracts to fill out the active roster. Although the extra minute of play didn’t have a noticeable effect on the contest, it added to the total playing time for Los Angeles’ two stars, James (41 minutes) and Davis (43 minutes).

“Everyone knows what time it is,” Lakers coach Darvin Ham said when asked about the heavy minutes. “It’s that time of year, man. Whatever we need and as long as we have to push guys, it has to happen. And they all understand that.”

James, 39, shrugged off any concerns about the workload affecting him for Los Angeles’ regular-season finale against the New Orleans Pelicans.

“I’ll be ready for Sunday,” James said.

The NBA also released its final two-minute report for the Lakers-Grizzlies game on Saturday. Three incorrect calls were identified and they all worked in favor of the Lakers.

With 1:42 left and the Lakers leading 117-116, the league said James should have been called for a moving infraction for changing his pivot foot after recovering his dribble at center court over the line 3 points. That possession ended with a missed jump shot by Davis with 1:33 left.

With 47.7 seconds left and the Lakers trailing 118-117, the NBA ruled that James switched pivot feet again after faking a pass to Rui Hachimura before driving to the hoop for a go-ahead score at 44.3 seconds left. And with 12.2 seconds remaining, the league report revealed that Hachimura should have been called for a shooting foul on the Grizzlies’ GG Jackson for initiating contact with his leg as Jackson attempted a shot near the basket.

The report states that the technical foul committed by Grizzlies coach Taylor Jenkins for arguing about Jackson’s non-call with 5.2 seconds left after calling timeout was correct due to “behavior.” unsportsmanlike.



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