Megan Fox in Gray Lace-Up Ensemble and Pink Highlights is Gray Grunge Gone Right – NDTV Swirlster

Megan Fox in Gray Lace-Up Ensemble and Pink Highlights is Gray Grunge Gone Right – NDTV Swirlster

If there’s a fashion experiment being ideated about, you can believe Megan Fox has already been there and done that. There isn’t a daring guy who can cross paths with Megan Fox without going unnoticed. Currently, the trend ruling Megan Fox’s world is a mix of grunge to which her marshmallow pink locks give a totally different edge. Keeping with the theme of her current favorite trend, she chose a gray outfit featuring micro shorts and a fully lace-up gray top with a buckle on top. Since this is Megan Fox after all, we can expect a long plunging neckline and her toned legs to be the highlight of the outfit. But before she leaves, a leather jacket, funky handbag and long cowboy boots aren’t something she’ll leave behind.

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Megan Fox rocked her pink locks with everything under the sun. And given how cool it looks, we can’t wait to see what else is in store. But for now, we’re recapping the Grammy Awards where, even though she wasn’t physically present on the red carpet, she was the real vision at the viewing party that night. A link chain mini dress worn over a basic beige lingerie set was her choice for the evening. Minimal was taken literally for this one, but the impact was huge, of course.

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We’re not sure about “dance floor murder,” but we’re sure that Megan Fox’s caption on this all-black post may have been the cause of many of the casualties.

Megan Fox has rocked and rolled her pink locks in the most untamable looks, but then who else if not her?

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