Megan Fox defends Chelsea against Love is Blind and tells bullies to back off

Megan Fox defends Chelsea against Love is Blind and tells bullies to back off

Actress and model Megan Fox has finally spoken out Love is blinds Chelsea Blackwell’s comment that people told her she looked like Megan Fox. On the show, Chelsea herself said she didn’t “see” him and explicitly claimed that it was just because of her hair and eye combination that people made that comment, that she clarified to her former fiancé Jimmy in the capsules. Yet even with those caveats, his offhand comment sparked an internet uproar, sparking piles of unwarranted harassment and hateful bullying against him, including an absurd, mocking video of Taylor Swift’s boyfriend Travis Kelce , which added fuel to the fire. In a recent interview with E! News, Megan Fox herself was asked about the comparison and she defended Chelsea, noting that the bullies were too hard on Chelsea and that she didn’t deserve to be bullied. As Megan says:

“I don’t really watch a lot of TV, but a lot of people have texted me and stopped me and even other celebrities at the Oscars parties have said to me, “Do you look at Love is Blind” and I was like “No, but I know what you’re talking about.” Like I said, I haven’t watched it, but I think in general no one deserves to be bullied and I saw a picture of her and I guarantee you – she has, like, very blue almond-shaped, slightly slatted eyes – 100,000% of people said to her, “You look a little like Megan Fox.” , so I believe she is telling the truth. I hope she still has that sparkle in her eye. I hope the world hasn’t stolen it from him. Mine died a long time ago after being bullied for twenty years. So I hope this didn’t happen to him. Best wishes and blessings…and yeah I don’t think she deserved that. I think people went too hard.”

In the same interview, Megan was also disturbed by how many people were picking on Chelsea and made a very good point regarding celebrity culture and how it differs from reality TV, reminding us that stars Reality TV stars don’t receive the same accolades as celebrities, but experience the same level of scrutiny without all the benefits of traditional fame. She went on to say: “It was very weird…I don’t know why it got so much press. People should also remember that sometimes I think you justify celebrity harassment because you feel like we are paid enough and have such access to things that we should be able to put up with the harassment. But someone who participates in a reality show has no such advantage. So she just deals with the bullying and gets no reward for it. And it’s really fucked up.

Well said, Megan. We love it when women stand up for other women and call out haters and bullies. Megan’s comments speak to a broader, worrying pattern of bullying that Love is blind Female candidates are often thrust into the spotlight, where they are held to ridiculously higher standards than their male counterparts. Those of us who have defended Chelsea from the start We’re glad to see that the OG is speaking out and taking a stand against the atrocious behavior of keyboard warriors who support groups like “I like to call other women stacked in front of my fiancé“Jimmy, who not only objectified other women in front of his love interest, but also introduced Chelsea to a friend he had slept with and spent a lot of time FaceTiming that friend during the show — and even lied about to hang out with her at a time when he pretended he was going to sleep By the way, Jimmy and the best friend he allegedly slept with were recently seen selling merchandise with the slogan “Don’t stand back”, an atrocious comment he made to Chelsea right after announcing he would be taking a step back from his sleazy “friendship” and gleefully promoting this merchandise on social media. Gaslighting Hopefully Megan’s comments will help counter some of the unwarranted bullying Chelsea has been experiencing and no one will buy one of Jimmy’s tasteless hats. Here’s one small step to combating misogyny on reality TV. , and a big step for women.


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