Matthew McConaughey on working with J. Lo on The Wedding Planner – Life&Style Weekly

Matthew McConaughey on working with J. Lo on The Wedding Planner – Life&Style Weekly

Matthew McConaughey took a trip down memory lane and talked about his most beloved roles in a recent interview. When the star spoke about The wedding planner Back when he had blonde hair, Matthew couldn’t sing higher praises for his teammate Jennifer Lopez.

“Look, I don’t know what a five-man threat is, but it’s more than a four-man threat, a four-man threat. Whatever the five-way threat is, that’s what it is,” the Texas native, 54, said during a video interview with People published on April 10. “I’ve never seen anyone be able to choreograph something so cleanly and clearly and really coordinate that scene. [It would be] a two minute scene. Take two minutes. Take two, that’s 2:01. Taking three is 1:59. Take four, it’s 2:01 p.m. She had him down.

Matthew finished his thought by saying, “This woman is a hard worker…and she knows what she wants to do and she does what she needs to do to achieve what she wants to do. »

Early in his career, Matthew was the cute romantic comedy of the early 2000s. The wedding planner hit theaters in 2001, where Matthew played groom-to-be Steve Edison and J. Lo, 54, was his party planner-turned-love interest Mary Fiore. It’s been over two decades since the film’s premiere and it continues to be a must-see feel-good film for millennials and new viewers alike.

“I love this movie,” the “Jenny From the Block” singer said during a 2021 virtual conference. The wedding planner casting meeting. “I can’t tell you how many people come up to me and say, you know, ‘The wedding planner was my favorite movie. After making so many films, they bring up this one [is special].”

The movie director Adam Shankman also shared behind-the-scenes clips and even revealed that J. Lo and Matthew weren’t supposed to be the leads.

Matthew McConaughey on working with J. Lo on The Wedding Planner

“I did not perceive [Jennifer] as a romantic comedian; It seemed too harsh to me, frankly. But my agency said, ‘You need to meet her: she read the script and she really wants to do this,'” Adam, 59, admitted to Yahoo! Entertainment in January 2021. At the time, J. Lo’s recent resume was filled with action films likee U-turn And Anaconda.

“She was ambitious and understood everything that was girly and feminine about the film, but at the same time she recognized the engine in it,” Adam continued. “There were a lot of factors about the real Jennifer that really spoke to what the character was.”


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