Man who won $1.35 billion lottery is ‘involved in legal battle with his own family’

Man who won $1.35 billion lottery is ‘involved in legal battle with his own family’

A man who won a $1.35 billion lottery win is reportedly embroiled in a legal battle – with his own family.

The Mega Millions winner, who has not been named but is believed to be from the US state of Mainewon the fourth largest jackpot in US history last year (worth around £1.07 billion).

But the story has only become more complex since then, and the man is now involved in legal proceedings with two members of his family, reports the American media The Daily Beast.

He reportedly sued his daughter’s mother for allegedly revealing his new wealth to other family members, which he claimed was a violation of a nondisclosure agreement.

The lottery winner also allegedly demanded hundreds of thousands of dollars in penalties, claiming his child’s mother told his father, sister and stepmother about his big windfall.

But in recent court filings, the woman alleged that the man himself told his father and stepmother about his victory, the Daily Beast reported.

His lawyers said it “shatters the remaining fragments” of the trial.

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The father of the anonymous lottery winner is also apparently embroiled in the legal proceedings, alleging that his son has misled him about a number of things since winning.

“I understand that my son stated that he told me nothing about his money ‘other than the simple fact that I won’. This is not true,” he was quoted as saying in a statement.

His father adds that his son “told me a number of things he planned to do with his money,” even though he never asked him anything, the Daily Beast also reported.

This would include building a new garage for his father as well as buying old cars to repair.


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