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Check out return footage of Angelina Jolie’s stunning looks from director Oliver Stone ‘Alexander’!

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Angelina Jolie is by far one of the most beautiful actresses on this planet and it is undeniable. The star is known not only for her fascinating beauty, but also for her brilliant work in films, thanks to which she conquered audiences all over the world. Today we take a look at a major retrospective look at the superstar from his film Alexander. The film ‘Alexander’ released in 2004 is set in the historical era as it depicts the life of King Alexander of Macedon. Throughout this historic drama film, Angelina Jolie left us speechless with her stunning looks. Angelina Jolie plays the role of Olympias who was the mother of King Alexander the Great. As the film was shot in historic times, the costumes were designed accordingly. Filmmaker Oliver Stone did a fabulous job using Angelina Jolie’s exotic looks to great effect in portraying Queen Olympias in the film. Angelina tries out the role of a strong and powerful woman.

Angelina looks heavily in the movie as she portrays the role beautifully. Speaking of the actress’ look in the film, she was seen wearing a red dress, complete with antique jewelry consisting of an armband, long dangling earrings, and ancient gemstone rings. Angelina emits powerful vibrations in this look. The actress is also seen wearing a tiara studded with golden rubies.

Another of Angelina Jolie’s looks from the movie Alexander Who We Hearts is an all-white ensemble. Angelina Jolie looked better than ever in all of her Queen Olympias outfits in the historic drama film directed by Oliver Stone. Check out return footage of Angelina Jolie’s stunning looks from director Oliver Stone “Alexander”.

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