Lucy Hale Vs Selena Gomez: Who Better Killed The Dior Minidress? – IWMBuzz

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Let’s Find Out Who Killed The Dior Lucy Hale Vs Selena Gomez Minidress Better

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Lucy Hale and Selena Gomez are popular Hollywood rock stars. Known for their incredible style sensations and glamor, the two have been the fashion babes of fashion enthusiasts the world over. After killing in clothes of different and popular brands, the two never fell flat to dazzle us.

Recently the two showcased gorgeous and gala style and looks in the Dior minidress, the pictures have been touring the world in newspapers, magazines and of course social media.

Just like another day, the two donned the outfit well and styled it with a lot of charm and grandeur. However, it has raised an eternal dilemma for us to say who looks better! Take a look at the photos below and let us know who you think is best in the outfit in the comments below.

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