Long lines reported at polling stations in Texas, California

Long lines reported at polling stations in Texas, California

AUSTIN – Voters in parts of California and Texas, the two most populous states voting in the Democratic primary on Tuesday complained of long queues and long waits to vote.

Experts said crowded polling stations and delays caused by electronic devices used to verify voter registration resulted in long wait times in California and Texas counties. And officials from some polling stations said that election workers did not show up because of concerns about the coronavirus outbreak.

Jesse Salinas, Chief Electoral Officer for Yolo County, just west of Sacramento, said about 10% of poll workers pulled out at the last minute, and voiced concerns. regarding the transmission of the virus. He said it was about double what is normal for an election and sent his team to fight for substitutes.

“We hope that people will remain calm and still participate in the electoral process,” said Salinas.

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Fears of catching the coronavirus disrupted staffing at some Travis County, Texas polling stations earlier today, said Travis County clerk Dana DeBeauvoir.

Eleven people, including judges responsible for opening some of the county’s 175 polling stations on Tuesday, did not show up for work, she said.



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