Kuo: Apple AR Headset Coming in Late 2022 with Mac-Level Computing Power – Mac Rumors

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Apple’s augmented reality (AR) headset project is expected to bear its first fruits at the end of next year with the launch of the first device equipped with a pair of processors to support its high-end capabilities, according to a new research report from a reputable analyst. Ming-Chi Kuo seen by MacRumors.

According to Kuo, the high-end main processor would be similar to the M1 chip that Apple introduced for its first set of Apple silicon Macs last year, while a low-end processor will handle the sensor-related aspects of the device. .

Kuo says the initial AR headset will be able to function independently without needing to be connected to a Mac or iPhone, and Apple intends to support a “full range of apps” to replace it. ‘‌IPhone‌ within ten years.

We anticipate that Apple’s AR headset that launches in 4Q22 will be equipped with dual processors. The high-end processor will have a computing power similar to that of the M1 for Mac, while the low-end processor will be in charge of the computation linked to the sensors.

The design of the high-end processor Power Management Unit (PMU) is similar to that of the M1 because it has the same level of computing power as M1.

In addition to augmented reality, Kuo says the headset will also be able to support virtual reality (VR) experiences thanks to a pair of Sony’s 4K Micro OLED displays, which require the computing power of a chip. type M1.

Apple’s AR headset requires a separate processor because the sensor’s computing power is significantly higher than that of the iPhone. For example, the AR headset requires at least 6 to 8 optical modules to simultaneously provide users with continuous transparent video AR services. In comparison, an iPhone requires up to 3 optical modules running simultaneously and does not require continuous calculation.

Last week, Kuo said that the next headset and the iPhone 14 coming next year will support Wi-Fi 6E technology, which provides the increased bandwidth and reduced interference needed for AR and VR experiences. .

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