Katy Perry wins years-long battle for $15 million Montecito home; Everything we know about the legal battle – PINKVILLA

Katy Perry wins years-long battle for $15 million Montecito home;  Everything we know about the legal battle – PINKVILLA

In 2020, the Roar singer first signed a deal to buy the sprawling California property from businessman Carl Westcott. After a years-long legal battle, Katy Perry finally became the legal owner of her Montecito, Calif., home, PEOPLE can reveal.

According to property records obtained by The Wall Street Journal, the 39-year-old singer currently owns the Santa Barbara County property under LLC DDoveB. Perry took ownership of the land on Friday, May 17, according to the publication.

Her 3-year-old daughter Daisy Dove, whom she shares with fiancé Orlando Bloom, is being honored on behalf of the company. For $15 million in July 2020, Perry acquired an estate from 1930s businessman Carl Westcott. She planned to move her family into the eight-bedroom, eleven-bathroom estate with Bloom.

The mansion and the dispute

Perched atop a sprawling 2.5-acre estate, the 9,285-square-foot residence exudes luxury. This magnificent property has a lovely three bedroom guest house and excellent beach views. The outdoor space is equally attractive; it features a magnificent infinity pool with a soothing jacuzzi, a well-equipped kitchen area and a cozy fireplace.


Westcott attempted to terminate the contract after it ended, citing mental incapacity. This choice was mainly influenced by his 2015 diagnosis of Huntington’s disease, an inherited brain disease.

In August 2020, Westcott filed a lawsuit against Bernie Gudvi, Perry’s business manager. A significant event in this case was the course of the trial, which began at the end of September 2023.

Andrew Thomas, who represented Westcott at trial, made a crucial point. He discussed the 1-800-Flowers founder’s frightening symptoms, which included “delusions” and “intrusive thoughts.”

It was assumed that these symptoms were side effects of medications he was given following spinal surgery, which coincided with the sale of his house. This information further complicated the matter, raising questions about the timing and circumstances of the sale.

Closer examination of legal disputes and court decisions

A week after the procedure, he claimed, Westcott felt “mentally clear” again and informed the brokerage that represented Gudvi that he was not of sound mind to legally execute contracts enforceable.

Despite Perry’s protests, a preliminary finding in his favor was obtained in the litigation in November 2023. According to the court’s decision at the time, Westcott had not presented compelling evidence demonstrating that he could not conclude a real estate contract.

In December 2023, the court issued a “Final Statement of Decision” stating that Gudvi was entitled to specific performance of the real estate under the agreement submitted in April 2024 and acquired by PEOPLE. According to the document, a trial to determine Gudvi’s entitlement to damages and/or other relief is scheduled for July.


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