Katy Perry begs Orlando Bloom to ‘never do that again’ as her fiancé tries ‘extremely dangerous’ sports for P… – The US Sun

Katy Perry begs Orlando Bloom to ‘never do that again’ as her fiancé tries ‘extremely dangerous’ sports for P… – The US Sun

A frightened Katy Perry took to Instagram to share her reaction to her fiancé’s new death-defying creative project.

Orlando’s new TV series, Orlando Bloom: To The Edge, premiered Thursday, April 18 on Peacock.

Katy Perry Shared Her Reaction to Orlando Bloom’s New Peacock Series ‘Near Death’Credit: youtube/Paon
She wrote: “I’m so proud, but don’t ever do this again”Credit: Getty

The three-part miniseries shows the British actor mastering extreme sports and activities.

These include skydiving, rock climbing, and scuba diving without an air tank.

Katy, 39, posted worriedly on her Instagram page telling fans to watch Orlando in her new series.

Katy shared the trailer on Thursday and hinted that the whole experience was as stressful for her as it was for him.


She wrote: “The person who’s been #OnTheEdge this whole time is ME. Stream baby daddy @orlandobloom’s show on @peacock now to see why I’m so proud, but don’t ever do it again.”

“Legolas lives on the edge!” one fan commented.

“We wanted the first teaser of kp6….” wrote another, hoping to release an album.

“I’m so happy for you! You found someone you deserve to have your heart! I can see through your eyes that you are happy and fulfilled,” a third wrote.


In Orlando’s new series, each episode sees him try one of the death-defying sports.

The idea was for Bloom to face her fears and push herself mentally, emotionally and physically, according to Salon.

He trained for weeks with professionals who taught him skydiving and practiced a breathing technique for freediving called the “death table.”

He was guided by experts who monitored him and he told Salon he called his partner Katy “every night” to assure her he was OK.


Orlando doesn’t mince his words in the trailer as he plays every “dangerous” sport.

“This is 100% don’t fall territory,” a guide tells him as he scales a 90-degree cliff.

“I had a fall in my 20s that was bad and I broke my back,” Orlando also admitted in the trailer, showing off his back scar.

The clip also showed him practicing freediving, which involves diving deep underwater while simply holding your breath and struggling.

“It’s a profound spiritual journey. I felt as close to death as possible.”

Orlando showed off his back scar caused by a ‘fall in his 20s’Credit: youtube/Paon
He climbed, freedived and jumped out of a planeCredit: youtube/Paon
Orlando called Katy ‘every night’ during filming to ensure her safetyCredit: youtube/Paon


Psychologist Jo Hemmings suggested that Orlando was primarily focused on “pushing his limits.”

She claimed the adventure enthusiast was dealing with “threats of boredom” in his life.

“Orlando is pushing its limits in a courageous and public way,” Hemmings told the US Sun.

“But Orlando and Katy were never your average Hollywood couple.

“They both feel that there are new areas of life to explore and boundaries to break, but individually.

“Katy and Orlando are similar in their need to be relevant, dynamic and independent.

“Staying engaged long-term involves all the commitment without the financial aspect of marriage,” she continued.

“He is also approaching fifty, an important milestone for men.

“He’s proving to himself and to Katy that he’s as capable as he was in his 20s, 30s and 40s,” she shared.

“It can make a big difference to self-esteem and self-confidence in the future.”

“Orlando is doing this for himself rather than trying to compete with Katy.”


The couple’s relationship journey hasn’t been smooth sailing.

Katy, 39, and Orlando got engaged in 2019, three years after meeting at a Golden Globes after-party in 2016.

When they broke up for a while in 2017, it was reportedly due to work pressure.

“Before the rumors or falsifications get out of hand, we can confirm that Orlando and Katy are taking a respectful and loving space at this time,” a rep said at the time.

After getting back together in 2019, Orlando, who shares son Flynn, 11, with ex Miranda Kerr, gave some insight into their relationship.

“Sometimes things are really, really, really hard – I’m not going to lie,” he told Flaunt magazine.

He revealed the two men were in “very different pools”.

The couple welcomed their daughter Daisy Dove Bloom in 2020 and there is no wedding in sight.

“He often said that they are very different people and that living together has its challenges,” added the psychologist.

“They are a little crazy in the way they live and present themselves to their fans.

“Orlando feels the need to push its limits

“But marriage may be too complex a subject for them to discuss.”

Katy and Orlando share a child born in 2020 and reportedly have no plans to get married soonCredit: Getty

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